The 12 things I want the GOP to stop doing right now

The rise of Donald Trump and his blatant disrespect for the rule of law did not happen in a void; a GOP that is already working to subvert the next President nurtured him.

Art by Rob Goldsteinq
Screen shot from Buzzfeed of a headline that states John McCain and the GOP will block Clinton Judicial appointees

It’s probable that Hillary Clinton will be our next President and that the GOP will keep control Congress.

screenshot of a southern Congressman who describes himself as a genteel southerner
Sometimes a Lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty

I think I speak for most sane Americans when I say I’m sick of the GOP’s conspiracy theories, coded racist rhetoric, appeals to a base that wants to undo the outcome of American Civil War; and a gas lighting anti-government propaganda outlet.

I’m talking about you Fox News.

Screenshot of a Southern Congressman saying that sometimes a lady needs to be told she's nasty
Screenshot of a Southern Congressman saying that sometimes a lady needs to be told she’s nasty

 Stop demonizing Democrats. Democrats are the opposition party, not an enemy nation. Demonizing legitimate political opposition is unseemly for members of the most stable democratic government in human history.

Screenshot of Ann Coulter calling the Khan Family Victims
Screenshot of Ann Coulter calling the Khan Family Victims

Stop using the hate rhetoric of media clowns like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter as a guide for good governance. Members of congress should denounce the hate rhetoric and lies spread by media figures who make their livings by preaching hatred for our system of government.

If you keep your majority in Congress, stop subverting the will of the people by subverting our duly elected President.  We the People want an end to GOP obstruction.

Screenshot of news item over government shut-down by GOP
Screenshot of news item over government shut-down by GOP

End the coded racist rhetoric. The American people know what you mean by ‘takers’ and we are offended by it.

Screenshot of a Huffington Post article on Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan on Takers

Stop abusing your political power to launch politically motivated investigations into democrats and only democrats.

If the GOP really wants to launch an exercise in justice it should investigate the invasion of Iraq. The World waits for the United States to take responsibility for war crimes in Iraq.

Screenshot of CNN on the Chilcot Report on Iraq
CNN on the Chilcot Report on Iraq

Stop hiding your economic agenda behind Christianity. As a Christian I can say with authority that the GOP and its political operatives on the religious right have no credibility to preach to others. .

Screenshot of Evangelical Leader regarding his support of Donals Trump "Tony Perkins Shared Values Don't matter to Him."
Tony Perkins: Shared Values Don’t matter to Him.

Stop breaking government programs and then using them as an example of failure. Most people want public services because they improve the quality of our lives by providing services that we cannot afford by ourselves.

Stop trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

Stop trying to privatize and destroy Medicare.

Stop calling Social Security an entitlement program. Americans pay for it; it’s our money.

CNN Screenshot regarding the GOP and Social Security
CNN Screenshot about the GOP and Social Security

Stop using LGBTQ citizens to ‘energize’ the hatreds of your homophobic constituents. LGBTQ lives are not yours to use as pawns.

Photo of 2014 front page of the San Francisco Chronicle.
2014 front page of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Do your job and hold hearing on Obama’s SCOTUS bin nominee. Respect the rule of law by meeting your responsibilities to the Nation as elected officials

Sreenshot of Washington Post Article on GOP Refusal to hold hearings on Obama's SCOTUS Pick
Washington Post Article on GOP Refusal to hold hearings on Obama’s SCOTUS Pick

Rob Goldstein 2016

The Kiss

VR based digital painting of two mail avatars in the last few seconds before a kiss
The Kiss



stroke smooth smoothly stroked back

rest chest on chest

                                  thigh on thigh

my hard on your soft


(c) Bob Goldstein 1976



Old Friends: Our 24th Anniversary

A photo of My Partner Jaime and I reflected on a sunny San Francisco Day in the window of a passing tour bus
My Partner, Jaime and I, reflected in the window of a passing tour bus. When I showed him this shot and asked him what he was thinking, he replied, “There he goes with that camera again.”

I met Jaime 24 years ago this week.

Yes, it was love at first sight and I know that sounds trite, but if it has ever
or will ever happen to then you will understand how profound it is.

We moved in together two months later and we have been together ever since.

He’s seen me through the darkest days of my illness; and I wept and grieved
with him when his Father sickened with cancer and died.

He is a proud Nicaraguan man and a proud citizen of the United States.

He is among my oldest and most trusted friends.

He is my partner and he is my joy.

Happy Anniversary, Jaime.

Happy Anniversary mi amore.


I Like ‘Ike’

A screenshot from a 1952 political ad for Eisenhower that depicts the word 'Ike" is a rising Sun
Screen Shot from a 1952 political Ad for Dwight D. Eisenhower

The GOP ‘establishment’ bemoans our divided Nation as its Right Wing
PACS produce political ads designed to frighten and enrage its base.

Last night I posted a montage made of images from ’13’, a documentary by director, Ava DuVernay.

The montage is mix of modern and archival footage of brutality against people of color and civil rights activists that plays out as Donald Trump speaks wistfully of the good old days.

In that spirit I thought I would juxtapose two very different political ads produced by the GOP.

Below is a political ad made in the ‘Good Old Days’.

I’m sure there are plenty of people still alive who remember this ad.

The year is 1952.

The ad is for Eisenhower

screenshot from a 1952 political ad for Dwight D. Eisenhower that shpws three stupid looking donkeys standing behind a fence
I don’t know what this image says about Democrats but whatever it is it doesn’t say evil.

Donald Trump might remember this ad; he was six when the ad came out.

Hillary Clinton was four.

The ad was produced by Roy Disney and Citizens for Eisenhower-Nixon.

Its target audience is the post war working class:

screenshot from a 1952 ad for Dwight D. Eisenhower
Economically diverse groups of people like ‘Ike’

The ad below was made after the first presidential debate of 2016.

Screen shot from a September 26th 2016 political ad released by the GOP PAC, Future 45 which shows Isis hostages just before execution.
Screen shot from a September 26th 2016 political ad released by the GOP PAC Future 45

It is funded by a Right Wing PAC with a curious name: Future 45.

Future 45 describes itself as follows: “Future 45 is an independent organization devoted to educating voters about the challenges facing our country as they prepare to elect the 45th President of the United States.

Screen shot from a September 26th 2016 political ad released by the GOP PAC Future 45 that continues to promote the discredited Benghazi Scandal
Screen shot from a September 26th 2016 political ad released by the GOP PAC Future 45.

Our next president will shape the Supreme Court in a way that will influence the direction of our nation for decades to come. The strength of our economy and the security of our nation depend upon electing a strong, proven leader.

A photo of Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin that is faked
Neither of these two people are in the same room.

While Donald Trump is a proven businessman with a plan to reignite our economy and recover American strength through peace, Hillary Clinton is a politician following the Obama model that has landed us in a fragile economy with slow growth feeling less safe than ever.

Americans understand this and are speaking up”

The Obama model that has landed us in a fragile economy with slow growth feeling less safe than ever?

The sentence reads like it makes sense but upon closer examination it’s says nothing.

We are in a fragile economy that feels less safe than ever.

Who really made this ad?

The ad was published September 27, 2016

It aired on the following stations:


all Materials found on the Internet Archives

Further Reading:

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How False Equivalence Is Distorting the 2016 Election Coverage

Isolation and Propaganda: The Roots and Instruments of Russia’s Disinformation Campaign




My Many Several Selves

A Virtual reality photograph of a male and a female avatar in front of a white mist surrounded by pink and lavander

Dissociative alternates are a bit like imaginary friends.

The difference is that an alternate has its own life and its own way of being.

Alternates can be babies, children, teens, male, female or objects.

Very young alternates may have the limited verbal skills of a toddler.

Some people with DID have alternates that speak different languages, have different talents and even different physical abilities and handicaps.

One of my alternates is very old.

He has always been very old.

When he is out my joints hurt, my body is stiff and it
is painful for me to walk..

The teen alternate named Bobby is 16.

When he is out the body has the flexibility and vigor of a 16-year-old.

When psychotherapy is successful the alternates become more aware of each other and learn to collaborate.

Even so, the alters still come out spontaneously.

I have at least six alternates that use Second Life.

The alternates that use Second Life us it as a form of recreation.

They have no interest in the other members, in part because my alternates are not role plays in a computer game.

Second Life is an extension of our inner world.

The whole point of an inner world is that it’s private.

Sara is the oldest alternate and is the protector.

She is very protective of the younger alternates and of
children in general.

She use virtual reality to play dress up which is exactly what
she did when the body was a child.

Sara is a huge fan of Julie London and Morgana King.

Felicity uses Sara’s account.

She enjoys using erotic animations and elaborate costumes. She also writes poetry and erotic short stories.

She likes House music, Grace Jones, Madonna and Britney Spears.

Bobby is a teen.

He age slides from 14 to 20.

Bobby listens to deadmau5, Blackalicious and Dj Shadow

Bob is an older version of Bobby.

He rarely uses Virtual Reality but when he does it’s for horseback riding.

Bob listens to Bluegrass and Classic Rock

Rob is the writer and editor.

He is obsessed with poetry and art will remove anyone
who gets that gets in the way of his work.

Rob listens to folk music and 60’s pop.

The Narrator is responsible for co-coordinating the different stories
and making sense of them.

He uses Virtual Reality to make illustrations for our writings.

The Narrator listens to 90’s rock.

Mateo is the only heterosexual male.

He is also strongly identified with the Black and Latino communities,
probably as a result of witnessing the violent racism of our childhood.

Mateo likes Jazz, Motown and soul…he also likes to use Virtual Reality
to dance at nigh clubs.

Mateo decided in 2009 to take over the body and live in VR.

He wanted his own life, hooked up with a woman and started a Jazz Club.

The result was a decompensation that resulted in complete disability.

Loleeta is a male who refers to himself in his writing as female.

Loleeta is depressed, anxious, angry and suicidal. Of all of my alternates he is the one I fear the most because he is the most self-destructive and self loathing. He likes Metal and Goth.

Matthew is the most recent alternate. He was born in 1992.

Matthew is a devout Catholic and was accepted to the Franciscans in 1993.

He did not become a Franciscan.

He met a partner and has been in that relationship  for over 20 years. He is the one who sought therapy — He rarely uses Virtual Reality.

He likes songs about Faith.

Robby and Peter are my child alters.

Robby is four and Peter age slides between six and sixteen.

Peter only listen to Classical music.

The difference between an “inner kid” and a DID kid is that DID kids are like real kids; they are autonomous and their behavior is not mediated by the adult selves.

Peter knows that the body is an adult.

Robby doesn’t know.

Much of what I know about my alternates I’ve learned  from reading chat logs and looking at the pictures they make of themselves.

I do know that they have conflicting memories of the same event.

This page is designed as a reference point; a place to gather the fragments of my life and so that I and the reader can get a sense of the whole person.

RG 2016






Donald Trump: In the Good Old Days

Click to view the montage, this documentary provides a compelling
reason for all Americans to go to the polls and vote this year and every
year after this.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire


Scapegoats as Strategy: The GOP Disinformation Machine

Screen Shot from a Political Ad Released by National Republican Senatorial Cmte on February 25th 2016. It is of a young Middle Eastern Male Described as an attackers disguised as a refugee
This is a screen shot from political ad released February 25, 2016 by the RNC. If this accusation looks familiar it’s because Donald Trump used it as a talking point in the second debate: “At Sunday night’s presidential debate with the former secretary of state, he warned that admitting more Syrian refugees “is going to be the great Trojan horse of all time.”” The Huffington post


The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is the Republican Hill committee for the United States Senate, working to elect Republicans to that body.

The NRSC was founded in 1916 as the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee.

It was reorganized in 1948, and renamed the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

The NRSC helps elect Republican incumbents and challengers primarily through fundraising.  Other services include campaign activities using media and communications, as well as research and strategy planning.
Wiki Entry NRSC

These are the messages the GOP leadership feed its base.


A screen shot from a GOP Senate campaign ad of an armed militant in front of a sign written in a middle eastern language
Screenshot from an Islamophobic political ad released by the RNSC

Voice-over: Tragedy in Paris. Troubling reports of attackers sneaking into the country disguised as refugees. Catherine Cortez Masto’s plan? I do think we should be opening ourselves up. Opening ourselves up to attack. We are looking to accept refugees. You support that? I do support it. Tell Cortez Masto that we need a common-sense plan to defend the country. NRSC is responsible for the content of this advertising.

If you feel unsafe going to the polls this year remember these ads.

Donald Trump didn’t make this mess by himself and the GOP Leadership
silently enables him.

It’s not enough to simply withdraw their support.

The GOP leadership approved the rhetoric that made Trump and his
movement possible.

They’ve fed their base nothing but hatred for our government and our

Screenshot of various news items regarding Donald Trumps call for sedition
Trump supporters are promising to intimidate nonwhite voters.


Screenshot from a political ad released by the GOP in September of 206 that blame President Obama and Democrats for our divided politics
How does one comprehend the calculated cynicism of a GOP that blames President Obama and Democrats for our divisive politics in such a divisive ad?

Voice over: There was a time when we could trust our leaders but today politicians are only serving themselves, resulting in a rigged economy,  weakened National Security, and a divided Nation.

Screenshot of a Trump Tweet alleging that the Election is rigged
Screenshot of a Trump Tweet

Now is the time for the GOP Leadership to take a stand for American
Democracy by affirming the rule of law.

It can start by apologizing to its victims.


that Hillary Clinton attacked the women who made accusations against her husband.
Screenshot from a 2016 political ad released by the NRSC that promotes the well debunked lie that Hillary Clinton attacked the women who made accusations against her husband.


(c) Rob Goldstein 2016 videos found at the Internet Archives
Screenshots made from videos.




Sedition from the GOP Swamp of Crazy

Faced with personal and political defeat and a stream of assault allegations Donald Trump plays the sedition card on the campaign trail as Fox News dredges up slime from the GOP Swamp of Crazy to fling at Hillary Clinton:

Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity Discuss recently rleased wikileak regarding something Hillary Clinton may or may not have done and said.
A Screen Shot of Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich discussing recently released disinformation about Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump: (Tweet by Trump) This election is being rigged by the media pushing false and unsubstantiated charges, and outright lies, in order to elect Crooked Hillary!

Donald Trumps Followers: Now we must kill Hillary Clinton for doing things that never happened!

Sean Hannity: Unverified documents that may be fraudulent and planted in our media by agents of a hostile nation seem to imply that Hillary Clinton may have done something  that was possibly  illegal or at the very least rude.

Fox News will do its bit to help the useful fool named Trump bring America to its knees.

Where is the GOP Leadership now that we need them to stand up in support of our Nations Constitution and the Rule of Law?

Maybe it’s busy vetting ads like this one, released by the RNC  August 03, 2016.

Screenshot of Footage from the Orlando Shootings used in an ad against Hillary Clinton
Footage from the shootings in Orlando used in a GOP ad against Hillary Clinton
The RNC approved the use of footage from the shootings at Pulse in Orlando in an ad against Hillary Clinton
The RNC dares to blame Hillary Clinton for the shootings in Orlando

Rob Goldstein 2015
RNC Ad Found in at the Internet Archives







Methane from the GOP ‘Swamp of Crazy’


To blame Donald Trump for the GOP’s brainwashed base is to excuse the The Republican National Leadership for its knowing use of fear and disinformation to win votes.

In March of 2016 the Republican National Committee released an ad that frames President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Antonin Scalia as a power grab to subvert the Constitution of the United States.

Screebshot of a political Ad released by the GOP that claims that Obama is trying to secure his 'lawless' Presidency by nominating a replacement for justice Scalia
Screenshot from a March 2016 Political Ad released by the RNC

The ad opens with a nod to the ‘crazy’ birther conspiracy with a reference to Obama’s Lawless Presidency.

A screen shot from a March 2016 Political Ad that refers to Obama's Presidency as lawless.
Screen shot of the opening of an RNC political Ad that calls Obama’s Presidency lawless

The Republican Leadership knows the President has a  Constitutional obligation to nominate a replacement when a vacancy opens on the Court.

Congress conducts the job interview.

He (the President) shall have the Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments. Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, known as the Appointments Clause

The ad, released in March of this year presumes that the viewer is ignorant regarding the Constitution and American Democracy.

Voice-Over: President Obama wants to make his lawless presidency permanent. The vacant seat on the Supreme Court is all that stands between a liberal majority that will help Obama and the Democrats undermine the Constitution. Now President Obama is trying to deny the American people a voice in who will fill this critical seat. Tell Obama you won’t be silenced. Tell Obama too much is at stake for your voice not to be heard. Tell Obama to let the American people have a say.

The American People had their say when we twice voted to elect Barack Hussein Obama as our President.

I hope that when we have our say again this November we will say this
to the GOP:

Get out of our government and don’t come back until you learn
the rules of civil discourse and fair play.”

Further reading:

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The Last Debate

The Stalker

RG 2016

Political ad from the Internet Archives











With A GOP This Dishonest, Who Needs Putin?

I stumbled across this GOP attack on Tim Kane on the Internet Archives.

It’s a variation on the Willie Horton ad.

There is no attempt to discuss the serious problems that face
the citizens of the United States.

There’s no mention of healthcare, income inequality, Social Security or
job loss.

Released October 4, 2016

The ad says that Kaine “consistently protected the worst kinds of people.”

What the ad doesn’t say is that as a Civil Rights Lawyer who often worked
pro-bono, Tim Kane was fulfilling his Constitutional Duty as required by the 6th Amendment:

“In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.”

In the mid in the mid-20th century the Supreme Court ruled that defendants who couldn’t afford to hire lawyers had the right to public defenders. But the basic fact of it is pretty inviolable. There is no crime so heinous in the US court system that a lawyer is not permitted — even obligated — to speak in its defense. Vox

It’s noteworthy that the GOP attacks Hillary Clinton for doing the same thing:

Screenshot from an attack ad against Hillary Clinton for doing her job as a public defender.
Hillary Clinton was a public defender. Defending people who could not afford counsel was her job and duty under the U.S. Constitution.

For the truth behind the lie that Hillary Clinton freed a child rapist please read

With the RNC using disinformation campaigns to subvert the political process, who needs Vladimir Putin?

A 2011 Occupy Poster that says that the Republicans are more guilty of lying than the Democrats
2011 Occupy Poster

RG 2016






Lies, Hot White Trash, and the 2016 U.S. Elections

The most psychopathic and tawdry Presidential campaign in American History has 25 Days to go.

NBC had to fact check Trump on a lie usually found on far right websites.

When faced with his taped descriptions of sexual assault Donald Trump
decided to play gaslight.

In a public act of psychological abuse Donald Trump invited
the three women who accused Bill Clinton off sexual assault when he was President into the audience.

Rather than apologize for and take responsibility for the deplorable
language on those tapes Trump forced 66.5 million people to watch
as he humiliated the Clinton family at what was supposed to be a
‘Town Hall’ debate over public policy.

Any woman who has ever had a husband who was unfaithful understood the emotional stamina it took for Hillary Clinton to stand in that room.

Trump and his flying monkeys have worked to normalize his behavior
at that debate and with a surprising degree of success:

A Screenshot of the headline of the New Delhi Times which reads Despite 'Lewd' Tape Scandal, Trump does better at Second Debat
Despite ‘Lewd’ Tape Scandal, Trump does better at Second Debate

A Bit of Context

The Gingrich GOP took congress in 1994 with the help of a newly established right wing media that fed on the classist contempt that elites on both political sides had for Bill Clinton.

Below is the cover of a 1994 New York Magazine article called White Hot Trash:

The August 22, 1994 issue of New York Magazine. which features a slightly overweight blond with her legs spread under the Title White Trash Nation
The August 22, 1994 issue of New York Magazine. Bill Clinton had made us a White Trash Nation.

“Traditionally, the label white trash has been applied to selective members of the white underclass—a rapidly growing group. In 1990, according to the census bureau, 24.5 million Caucasians were below the poverty line, up 29 percent from 17.3 million in 1980 (these figures are somewhat misleading as they include white Hispanics). “In raw numbers,” notes conservative thinker Charles Murray, “European-American whites are the ethnic group with the most people in poverty, most illegitimate children, most women on welfare, most unemployed men, and most arrests for serious crimes.

But demographics are only part of the story. What’s alarming is not so much the burgeoning number of people with low-rent circumstances as the exponential spread in stereo-typically white-trash behavior, whether exhibited by those in the underclass or by figures like Roseanne Arnold and Bill Clinton.” New York Magazine

Calling Bill Clinton our first Black President was not a compliment.

“After all, Clinton displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas. And when virtually all the African-American Clinton appointees began, one by one, to disappear, when the President’s body, his privacy, his unpoliced sexuality became the focus of the persecution, when he was metaphorically seized and body-searched, who could gainsay these black men who knew whereof they spoke? The message was clear: “No matter how smart you are, how hard you work, how much coin you earn for us, we will put you in your place or put you out of the place you have somehow, albeit with our permission, achieved. You will be fired from your job, sent away in disgrace, and—who knows?—maybe sentenced and jailed to boot. In short, unless you do as we say (i.e., assimilate at once), your expletives belong to us.” Toni Morrison October 1998

Prior to Bill Clinton, a President’s sexual indiscretions were off limits for the press and the opposition party:

“Several factors introduced restraint into coverage of politicians’ sex lives. High-minded journalism, of the sort found at The Times, the New York Tribune, or the Associated Press, disdained the traditions of the Gilded Age yellow newspapers and their tabloid successors in favor of fairness, professionalism, and propriety. Starting with Theodore Roosevelt, presidents began to see that the escalating interest in them as personalities, even celebrities—including the hunger for details about their families, recreational habits, and the like—represented less a threat than an opportunity for them to shape the news. Availing themselves of the new public-relations experts, such as Edward Bernays and Bruce Barton, they regained some control of their public images. They took influential journalists into their confidence, making them part of a governing elite. By mid-century, the New York Times journalist James Reston spoke of the “cozy relationship between reporters and officials,” in which he himself reveled. As the historian John Summers has written, a “psychology of insulation” buffered officials from undue probing, making it unthinkable that someone like Ben Bradlee, then the Washington bureau chief for Newsweek, would blow the whistle on the affairs of his friend Jack Kennedy.

If the press’s Gilded Age aggressiveness had been born of a desire to weaken the ruling class, now the press—or the agenda-setting part of the press, anyhow—belonged to that ruling class.

It has become common to look back on this period of restraint as an embarrassment. We wince at a press corps that was too enamored of power, or too spooked by World War and Cold War anxieties, to expose our leaders’ feet of clay. We routinely describe the press as having “covered up” for JFK. But reporters weren’t covering up for Kennedy so much as they were abiding by their era’s social and professional codes, which regarded politicians’ personal lives as privileged realms”. The Atlantic, October 2011

The political use of such a private matter to humiliate a sitting President offended most reasonable Americans.

Bill Clinton’s job approval rating in the first quarter during which the Lewinsky situation became public knowledge (1st quarter 1998) jumped 5.6 points compared to the immediately preceding quarter. Gallup

Bill Clinton left office with in 2000 with a 66% approval rating because the people understood that the Lewinsky Scandal was the result of a six-year campaign to find something to bring down his Presidency.

Hillary Clinton was not spouting paranoid fantasy when she claimed a right wing conspiracy was working to subvert her husband’s administration.

David Brock describes it in Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative

Brock alleges that Arkansas state troopers took money in exchange for testimony against Clinton which Brock had published in a previous book. Adam Curtis also discusses the concept in his documentary series The Power of Nightmares. Brock agrees with Clinton’s claim that there was a “Right wing conspiracy” to smear her husband, quibbling only with the characterization of it as “vast”, since Brock contends that it was orchestrated mainly by a few powerful people.  MSNBC also described the comment as once-ridiculed but now taken more seriously by “many Democrats” who point “to the well-documented efforts by conservative financier Richard Mellon Scaife to fund a network of anti-Clinton investigations.

Wikipedia entry, Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

For a deeper understanding of the GOP campaign to subvert the political careers of Bill and Hillary Clinton I recommend viewing the Hunting of the President.


What About Today?

As of October 2016, the GOP has continued to use smears and disinformation techniques to obstruct the political agenda of our first Black President. The campaign against President Obama includes, First Lady Michelle.


Bill O’Reilly: “I Don’t Want To Go On A Lynching Party Against Michelle Obama Unless There’s Evidence”

So, why are  Donald Trump’s followers also obsessed with and terrified by debunked  and unsubstantiated rumors about Hillary Clinton?

These political ads produced by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and aired this year in different parts of the Commonwealth provide a clue:

Published August 9, 2016

Published July 21, 2016

According to the NRSC Website, The NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) is the only national organization solely devoted to strengthening the Republican Senate Majority and electing Republicans to the United States Senate.

Published May 22, 2016

Democrat Senate candidates need to ask themselves a question. Can they really support Hillary Clinton? She’s a living history of scandal, lies and spin. Defended an accused child rapist then laughed about his lenient sentence. Whitewater. Travelgate. Chinagate. Filegate. She politically attacked sexual harassment victims. Pretended she landed under sniper fire. Benghazi. The Clinton Foundation. FBI investigation. Ruthless. Fake accents, fake concerns and fake laughs. Hillary Clinton. She is the living embodiment of everything people hate about politics. Democrat senate candidates, she is your burden to bear. I am a real person. NRSC is responsible for this ad.

These ads are lies told in the most frightening possible way!

I find it disturbing that the RNC is ok with this kind of sleaze.

We don’t need to blame Russia for subverting the political process in the United States.

The GOP brought weaponized disinformation to our political discourse in the 1990s when Gingrich disseminated a list of talking points and smears as a replacement for discussion of public policy.

Language: A Key Mechanism of Control by Newt Gingrich

How can the voters know the facts when the leadership of one
of America’s major political parties lies as a strategy for winning
and keeping public office?

With Patriots like these, who needs enemies?

Yahoo Headlines October 12, 10:19 PM NewsMax predicts the end of the World

(C) Rob Goldstein 2016

All videos found in the  NRSC archives at the Internet Archives

















































ring our first Black President.





















The Four Women Who’ve Accused Donald Trump of Rape

This is a well sourced Presentation of the rape allegations against Donald Trump. The abuse is described in detail and those of us who were used this way as children KNOW that this kind of thing happens.

FOCUS: Feminist Observations Connecting Unified Spirits


Jane Doe was 13 years old when Donald Trump tied her to a bed and raped her. She begged him to wear a condom. He responded by violently striking her in the face and screaming he would do whatever he wanted. She asked what would happen if she were to get pregnant, at which point he threw $100 dollar bills at her and screamed that she should “get a fucking abortion.” witness affidavitJane’s rape was witnessed by Tiffany Doe, who has signed a sworn affidavit confirming her testimony.  Jane and Maria Doe (who was 12) were forced multiple times to perform oral sex on him. After one incident, Trump zipped up his pants, physically pushed the minors away and “angrily berated them for the quality of their performance.” Jane, now 34, filed a civil lawsuit in California in April, which was thrown out because she had filled…

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I Want to Live a Lie

A virtual reality protrait of an avatar face in shadow surrounded by subdued color

i want to live
a lie

let’s log
in and

let’s wrap ourselves
in pretty pictures

let’s agree that
we are perfect
despite the

let’s ride
a deserted highway
just you and me
beneath a virtually
setting Sun

let’s juice the radio
and drown each
other out

let’s build an
imaginary oasis
and count
imaginary stars
and laugh about
how much we
guess we know

about supernovas,
black holes and
lines of defense

no one gets in
or leaves

we are here
and we
collide but
if we touch

we vanish

(c) Rob Goldstein 2014


Remember the White Rose

The White Rose

The White Rose (German: die Weiße Rose) was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany led by a group of students and a professor at the University of Munich. The group conducted an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign which called for active opposition against the Nazi regime. Their activities started in Munich in June 1942, and ended with the arrest of the core group by the Gestapo in February 1943. They, as well as other members and supporters of the group who carried on distributing the pamphlets, faced unjust trials by the Nazi People’s Court (Volksgerichtshof), and many were sentenced to death or imprisonment.

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Featured Blogger: D. Wallace Peach

The cover of an ebook by D. Wallace Peach to open an interview with her as featured blogger
The Bone Wall by D. Wallace Peach

My Featured blogger for October is author D. Wallace Peach from Myths of the Mirror.

Before we begin, thank you for accepting my invitation.

Thanks so much for inviting me, Robert. I’m honored to be chatting on your blog.

Tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from and how that affects your point of view?

Great question as I do think our roots inform who we are. I come from a family that spent its free time in the forest. My parents used to drop my younger brothers and me off at a trailhead in the Green Mountains and pick us up 4 days later, 25 miles down the road. Sort of “Hansel and Gretel” except we carried maps. The first time we hiked without adults, I was about 11 years old and my youngest brother would have been 7. We were fearless and adventurous kids. Sometimes the raccoons got into our food or we got stuck in a snowstorm, but we survived. Those are some of the best memories of my life, and they had nothing to do with “things.”

I was also raised by left-wing liberals, and though I labored in business for 18 years, I hated the focus on money. After 9/11, I started working as a volunteer with grieving children, quit my job, and returned to school for a counseling degree, which I loved. Today, as an author, my fantasy books reflect an appreciation for a simple life, nature, and the human pathos that arises from choices: fear, greed, power, compassion, sacrifice, and love.

You mention that your profile that as a child you preferred television to reading until you read the Hobbit by Tolkien. What was it about the Hobbit changed your life?

Reading was b..o..r..i..n..g until I turned 13 and opened The Hobbit. I plowed through it and the LoTR series in about 2 weeks. I was entranced by the characters and the epic story. When the book ended, I had a serious book hangover and cried myself to the library. I’m certain I would never have considered writing if I hadn’t cracked that magical book. Books can change lives.

September 11 was another life-changing event and as a result, you returned to school. What was that like for you?

I wasn’t in New York, and I can’t claim any heroics or personal sacrifice. I still choke up thinking about that day: the fear, the lives lost, the families forever changed, the first responders and hundreds of souls who toiled tirelessly in the rubble, risking their own health. I was working in business and suddenly couldn’t deal with the sales and profits and money-is-king mentality. None of it mattered. What mattered were human beings, love, bravery, compassion, kindness. I quit my executive job and went back to school so I could be poor and happy doing something of value.

Portrait of D. Wallace Peach
Portrait of Author D. Wallace Peach

You graduated with a Master’s degree in counseling. What kind of counseling did you do?

I became a pastoral counselor – basically mental health with a spiritual (not religious) foundation. I wanted to work with people who were dying and grieving, and an openness to all variations in spiritual faith seemed important. I ended up doing most of my grief work as a volunteer and got a job counseling little kids (0-5) and their families. It was all transformative heart-based growth – especially for me.

What draws you to fantasy?

Oh. I’m a believer in magic – basically that the world is far more complex and interconnected than my pea-brain can possibly imagine. Just because we can’t prove something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just because we can’t see or measure something doesn’t mean it isn’t real. I know a teeny-weeny tiny fraction of all there is to know, which to me, means anything is possible. I like asking what-if questions about the nature of reality and ushering them down the path of my imagination to see where they go.

What do you find easiest about writing?

I find all of it rewarding but none of it particularly easy. The first draft is the most challenging for me. The story is outlined but unformed, and the characters can’t help but share their opinions about who they are and where they want to go. We’re in a constant state of negotiation and I’m often backtracking. Sometimes the words pour out and sometimes I have to wrench them out with plyers.


The cover of the fantasy novel, The Melding of Aeris by D. Wallace Peach
The Melding of Aeris


What writers give you inspiration?

I love character-driven stories and beautifully crafted words. I read a lot of fantasy, and like both stand-alone books and big, fat series. My favorite fantasy authors are Mark Lawrence, Scott Lynch, Brandon Sanderson, and Joe Abercrombie to name a few.

I read with a highlighter and mark up my books when I find something wonderful.

When did you start blogging?

I started in 2013, but I was completely clueless for the first 2 years. I didn’t know that social media was supposed to be social (duh) and had 7 likes my first whole year. I was so bad. I started watching what the successful bloggers did, the ones I enjoyed following, and finally the light-bulb flicked on. Now I have lively interactions with a large community on a daily basis. Much, much better.

  1. What advice do you have for writers who want to use their blogs to market their books?

I’m no expert, Robert, but here are my two cents: Go ahead and market, but remember that the most important part of blogging is building relationships – interact and reciprocate. Be yourself, of course, but remember that your blog is also your professional platform; you are sharing yourself as a person and author as well as posting content that represents the quality of your work. Pay it forward by doing for the community what you would like the community to do for you. And most of all, enjoy yourself.

Some Word Press bloggers think of Word Press as a community. Do you think of it as a

Absolutely. I love that aspect of blogging. I love the way the world shrinks, the rich feelings shared by wonderful people all over the globe, the empathy and support of strangers who become good friends. There’s talent and kindness, beauty and compassion everywhere. It gives me hope and makes me smile.

How do you define success?

In all parts of my life: Happiness.

We only get this one life, Robert; there are no second chances, no do-overs. We are each miracles, here through the perfect alignment of billions of years of evolution, choices, and chance. It’s not a gift to be wasted. Happiness means different things to different people, but for me it’s choosing an attitude of kindness, care, and compassion and acting on that choice. Writing is something that brings me joy, no strings attached.

The Cover of fantasy novel, Myths of the Mirror by D. Wallace Peach
Myths of the Mirror


Thank you for your an enlightening interview.  It was a pleasure.

And thank you for asking! I didn’t talk much about my books (for once, Lol). If anyone is interested, my Amazon author’s page line up (9 books) is here:, and my blog is Myths of the Mirror: Visitors are always welcome!


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From the Los Angeles Times, August 2014: GOP Campaign Launches Fake News Sites against Democrats

A collage that shows people from the 1950's running from a television set under the title Fake News Invasion
There is nothing humorous about dressing up political propaganda as legitimate news. It diminishes the credibility of legitimate news organizations. PoliticsUSA

This 2014 article from PoliticsUSA refers to a 2014 LA Times article
about the use of fake news blogs by the GOP in the mid-terms.

Both articles shed more light on the single most outstanding feature
of the 2016 Elections in the United States:  Right-Wing propaganda
that do nothing but spread lies.

They even lie about events that are easy to fact check.

If the GOP was using weaponized disinformation in the mid-terms
of 2014 maybe Putin isn’t behind the DNC Hacks.

Maybe the Kremlin hasn’t tried to tamper with our political

Both articles essentially state that the GOP is willing to subvert
the democratic process with a weapon developed by the Kremlin
to–subvert the democratic process..

The goal of weaponized disinformation is to confuse us
with so many lies we don’t know what to believe.

This strategic use of lies to subvert reality is called gas-lighting
when used in interpersonal relationships.

We call the people who use gaslighting abusive sociopaths.

A graphic that describes gaslighting
“Sociopaths and narcissists consistently transgress social mores, break laws, and exploit others, but typically are also charming and convincing liars who consistently deny wrongdoing. Thus, some who have been victimized may doubt their perceptions” Wikipedia

From the Los Angeles Times, August 2014: GOP Campaign Launches Fake News Sites against Democrats

At first glance, the “Central Valley Update,” the “Augusta Update” and the “Aurora Update” appear to be doing what any news site would do: hold local candidates accountable.

Problem is, they’re not real news sites.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has launched more than 20 of these fake news sites to attack Democrats running for Congress, creating a media uproar and drawing protest from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the NRCC’s counterpart.

“If anyone was wondering why voters don’t trust Congress, look no further than the NRCC’s brand new voter outreach strategy—fake news sites,” said Josh Schwerin, national press secretary for the DCCC, in a statement.

Read more here: The Los Angeles Times


“Do you vote?” She asked

Portrait of a young African-American woman who was working as a voter registration volunteer on Church Street in San Francisco
A young voter registration volunteer on Church Street.

#NationalVoterRegistrationDay was September 27th but it’s not too late to register.

Information for online Voter Registration:

Voter Registration Deadlines, State by State : Voter registration portal with links to State by State online registration sites.

Ballotpedia:  Another resource that let’s you quickly assess whether you can register online in your State.

The Brennan Center for Justice: A non-partisan resource for learning if your State has voter suppression laws in place, and what they are.

Winning the Vote: A History of Voting Rights: A history of the evolution of the right to vote in the United States.

This year we vote for the President and members of both Houses of Congress.

We need your vote! Every vote counts!

If you live in the U.S. please feel free to reblog this post and share information for voters in your State in the comments section.


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