Youth in Transition


The Harvest is a Coming

This was in a May 7, 2014 San Francisco Examiner article about homeless Mothers.

It was written by Laura Dudnick.

“San Francisco’s biennial homeless census, most recently conducted in 2013 with a count of homeless youths for the first time, found that 914 youths identified as homeless out of the 7,350 total homeless population.

“Additionally, the San Francisco Unified School District has more than 2,200 students who identify as “youths in transition”, a number that has stayed “relatively stable in the last five years,” district spokeswoman Heidi Anderson said.”

What is a “youth in transition”?

It almost sounds like fun except that the words mean nothing in the context of the life of a child without a home.

What do the words “in transition” mean?

Perhaps it means that the parents still have friends or family who begrudgingly help.

Perhaps in transition means a sudden save; the child had no home and then Mother found a job and an SRO.

The use of language to divide people and to create class boundaries is an ancient strategy.

God uses it in the story of the Tower of Babel.

He changes the form and meaning of words and creates separate languages.

In doing this, He changes the images that the words bring to mind.

Therefore, based on my experience, in transition means you have no right to be here.

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The Myth of Individualism

If someone wants to use his innate gifts and education to pursue to acquire expensive antiques, that is his right.

But, he doesn’t have the right of exclusive access to healthcare, food,
and education.

These are essential to survival.

No one has the right to own the quality of another person’s future.

To use the power of the government to impose destitution by depriving people of basic services is more bestial than slavery.

I think that if you asked, most people would say no to a legal system that places property rights above human rights.

Imagine “nag ware” installed in your mind to remind you of the human condition and your role in changing it.

Imagine a pop-up screen that reminds you that none of us is immune to adversity.

The half-truth that drives the modern myth of ‘individualism” is correct for those people who have access to the resources we all need to learn and thrive.

If you are one of the lucky few who is resourceful and intelligent enough
to have acquired these skills in an isolated and marginalized environment then God is with you, but you are not the norm, and your exception should not become
my rule.

Individualism: “the right of the individual to freedom and self-realization”. Wikipedia

How, does one achieve the freedom to exercise this right?

How many people understand that “individuation” is an intellectual process that, until recently, was reserved for the upper class.

The first step toward true individuation is full literacy.

One aspect of literacy is the ability to understand the implications of ones
choices and their consequences for others.

Rob Goldstein (c) 2015

Kaiser Admits Guilt

Over the past year, Kaiser clinicians have provided the DMHC with ample evidence that Kaiser continues to violate state “timely access” laws and the California Mental Health Parity Act, which requires HMOs to provide psychiatric services that are on par with their primary health services. Kaiser still faces three class-action lawsuits filed by patients and families who say Kaiser’s violations contributed to tragic outcomes, including suicides.

When I first read this, I felt nothing.

I always have a delayed reaction to information that frightens or pains me.

…But this morning I awoke in a state of anxiety and rage.

At first, I did not know why I was so angry.

Then I remembered that Kaiser was knowingly
destroying  the lives of the people who came to it
for help and I felt a surge of disgust and rage.

To be sure, Kaiser is simply doing what our State and
Federal Governments have done to people with
Mental Illnesses since electing of Ronald Reagan.

Every tax cut is a reduction in public
services for people with mental illness.

We live in a nation that shamelessly increases
our suffering, our poverty, and our pain.

It renders us homeless and blames us for it.

How does one cope with a sensibility that places
money above the value of human life when it comes
from an organization that claims that claims to
want each of us to “thrive”.

How do I sit with the knowledge that my illness is
willfully exacerbated by the lack of access to the
recommended treatment protocols for someone
with my diagnosis.

How did the psychiatry become this debased.

Kaiser was caught.

This is a national betrayal.