The Torment of Oscar Wilde

The Torture of Oscar Wilde


Thank you to My New Friends

A Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving
I found this image at the internet archives.
I thought it would make a nice Thanksgiving greeting.
I use this U.S. Holiday to reflect on the good things in my life
and blogging on Word Press is one of them.
I first posted this picture to Flickr and liked the way it looked.
I’m sure that someone with more skill could have done a better job but the message of hope and faith in this picture is clear.
I enlarged the image, layered it, and sharpened it to bring out some of the detail.
Norman Rockwell is regarded as one of the best illustrators of his day.
This is one of his most popular works.
Here is a link to his Wiki entry:
I am grateful for the chance to take part in the conversation.
My deepest gratitude to all of you.
Rob Goldstein