The Versatile Blogger Award

versatile blogger award


The Versatile Blogger Award comes to me from Danica at Living a Beautiful Life .
Thank you Danica for your kind and gracious support of my blog, and for nominating me for this award; I feel as if I am becoming part of a vibrant community of creative and outspoken people.
The rules for this award are:
° show the award on your blog
° thank the person who nominated you
° share seven facts about yourself
° nominate fifteen blogs
° link the nominees blogs and let them know
Seven facts about me:
° I used to give poetry readings.
° I lived for two years in Waikiki
° I practice and teach Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
° I practice Liberation Theology
° I’ve been deeply in love twice in my life.
° Mozart is my favorite composer
° I like 90’s rock the most.
Thank you to everyone I follow and to everyone that follows me.
You give me joy.
My blog nominations:
° aquileana at La Audacia de Aquiles has a wonderful blog about Greek Mythology, the Romantics, and Philosophy. I could spend hours exploring this blog.
° Sandy Sue at A Mind Divided offers practical advice for living with Bipolar Disorder but much of it is applicable to everyday living. She is a courageous voice.
° Imelda at The Wall shares her photography and poetry.
° Javier Molina offers us a gorgeous collection of fine art.
° Karen Robinson at ido art offers us a view of her art as creative process and therapy.
° Alex at My 35 Project offers us her strength and practical strategies for recovering from fibromyalgia
° Dennis Cardiff has one of the best insights into what it means to be a poet of any one I’ve read. His blog is impressive.
° Crumpled Paper Cranes at Almost twenty-five but always, fifteen offers poetry, visual art,  and practical observations about life.
° Arthur Penn at arthur penn: amateur writer has an interesting blog that invites us to  participate in his evolution as a writer.
° Caoimhe Lionheart is a member of the Second Life. Her blog, an chailín álainn , addresses the problems that arise at the intersection between reality and virtual reality. Her wisdom is universal.
° Patty Alcala at I am not Sick Boy has created gorgeous blog. It is a testament of her love for her son and to her strength as a person. I love her blog, I think you will too.
° Christy D Birmingham is a freelance writer at Poetic Parfait. I think you’ll like her work.
I am stopping at 12 for now because I can’t think of anyone who else hasn’t already been nominated or who declines awards.
I will add the other three over time.
It is also understood that some nominees may prefer an awards-free blog, or are otherwise unable to accept this award at this time. If this is the case, please accept my thanks for your contribution to my blogging experience.
Thank you once again to everyone who has been so generous to me!
Especially to my dear friends on Flickr and in Second Life, Smiles, and Xia Firethorn!

14 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thank you for the award nomination! It has me smiling today 🙂 And congratulations to you for receiving the award to begin with! I am going to check out those in your nominations list that I do not already know too.

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  2. What a great way to start the day! I just woke up to find that I’ve been nominated for a blogging award! Thanks, Rob 🙂 I guess I now have to start working on my nominations… And congrats on your nomination!!

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  3. Hi Rob!

    Congratulations again :). Your valuable contributions are rippling through the blogosphere and this award is certainly well-deserved.

    I enjoyed learning a little more about you from your seven-facts list. Was living in Waikiki as wonderful as it sounds?

    I’m also looking forward to visiting your nominated bloggers. Thank you for the time and thought you put into your list.

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