The Right to Change Your Mind / Don’t Stay “no matter what” .


It is easy to develop bad behavioral patterns. We become co-dependent or addicted to certain behaviors that are not healthy for us.

We are used to doing things a certain way. We make choices and stick to them “no matter what” Sometimes we have to make a U Turn.

Well, I am back now in one piece. I did not realize that the snow storm was in full force. I made the choice to go to visit at work while I was in the nice warm house.

I really wanted to introduce my daughter to my friends at work and I wanted to visit my patients.

I did not check the weather report or ask anyone in the house how the roads were. I just took my teenager and got in the car. We slid it out of the of driveway. I decided to drive a bit and see how…

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The Idiot’s Guide To Understanding The Crazy Person In Your Life

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Touch of Depression

Only the mentally ill know how to talk to the unwell about being sick. Only we know the questions to ask to gauge someone’s well being. I am just now beginning to try and communicate my mental health to those close to me. Before, I would just lie. I would tell people I had a bad cold or my allergies are acting up. I would make up all kinds of stories so I could just stay in bed. Looking back, I’ve been doing this since elementary school. I would try anything to get out of going to school. My reward for skipping school wasn’t hanging out with my friends or secret meetings with boyfriends. My reward was getting to stay in bed and not having to think or move.

My biggest mistake was never telling anyone. I can imagine it could be a bit of a shocker to find out…

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