HBO- Documentary: Dissociative Identity Disorder

This HBO documentary is one of the most informative documentaries I’ve seen on Dissociative Identity Disorder, though it does use the outdated term ‘Multiple Personality Disorder”.

If you are curious about how DID looks in life this documentary is worth watching.

And if you want to see the blatant stigma attached to mental illness, read some of the comments beneath the video.


16 thoughts on “HBO- Documentary: Dissociative Identity Disorder

      1. I understand, Rob. Having survived such darkness and made huge sacrifices to escape it, I think it’s even harder to subject the mind to basically living similar feelings for the months it takes to write a story. Going back to something that actually has been, is harder than going to a bad place one has only imagined. You might feel that way about a complex work of art that caused you to be in such a head-space. But feeling it strongly let’s us present it vividly. (I hope.). 🙂 And thank you again.

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  1. Thank you for posting this video. I’m still mentally (and emotionally) processing all of the information.

    One thing that I found amazing was that John’s dog picked up on the switches, that with one (adult) personality the dog was not allowed in the living room but when John was sitting on the couch and switched to a child alter, the dog came in to be petted. The dog left again when John switched back. The whole thing happened while John stayed seated on the couch… Is this a common thing? That animals pick up on the different personalities?

    I also wonder if you have seen the TV show, The United States of Tara and your feelings on how that show portrayed DID?

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    1. Other people told me that the cat could tell.

      The thing about DID is that I wouldn’t know if she could tell.

      Computer logs serve as a kind of memory so it’s easier for me to track
      my alternates and even reply to comments to posts I don’t remember making.

      John’s DID is very much like mine. I do have an alternate that carries anger but all of my alternates share a common ethos and commitment to protecting other children. I don’t hurt myself but I do frequently have thoughts of suicide.

      My switches are like his.

      My landlady used to bring toys to “Robby” until I asked her to stop. 🙂

      The thing about the United States of Tara is that tried to make a tragedy look funny.

      I think that if the directors had not tried to get cute with DID they could have done us a good turn.

      here are people who say that DID is liberating and maybe if I had fewer memory barriers between my alternates I would see it that way.

      DID is painful and I want to be free of it.

      Tara had florid DID–

      I have florid DID–I switch as often as twice a day.

      I stopped watching the U.S. of Tara when her cross gender alternate, Buck, came out and started the affair with a woman.

      Something like that could only happen in Second Life, never in real life, and if it were to happen it would wreck her marriage…The affair that “Mateo” had in Second Life nearly destroyed mine.

      The truth is that I would give
      anything to have access to a long term hospital.

      Healing from this is very difficult as an out patient and it is extremely hard on the family–but that is true of all severe
      mental illness.

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  2. I’m shaking and exhausted. How terrible for DID patients! As one who has struggled with depression, etc. from early abuse, I empathize with those so profoundly affected. Like broken petals cast adrift in the storm…

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