GOSEx (1)

GOSEx (1)


Bright Eyes: I want to know how you watched your parents. Very fascinated!

Felicity: My father was a mustard salesman.

Bright Eyes: What do you mean, mustard salesman?

Felicity: I mean he sold his goods door to door. Shall I go on?

Bright Eyes: Yes!

Felicity: I was making some lunch and went to the green house to get a jar of mustard and the door to my parent’s room was open.

Bright Eyes: Yes…Wait! Green house?

Felicity: What are you doing?

Bright Eyes: Nothing yet…What are you doing?

Felicity: If you’re yanking yourself I’m not telling any more.

Bright Eyes: Ever go phone?

Felicity: My husband is home.

Bright Eyes: OK — So what happened?

Felicity: My Dad was in his mid-thirties…He was a fireman.

Bright Eyes: I thought he sold mustard!.

Felicity: Mustard was a hobby!

Bright Eyes: When you saw them, what did you do?

Felicity: My Mother, she was moaning…

Bright Eyes: And…?

Felicity: Suddenly my Dad stopped–

Bright Eyes: Then?

Felicity: He stuck his head under the sheets.

Bright Eyes: They were under the sheets?

Felicity: My dad believed in manners.

Bright Eyes: How old were you?

Felicity: Four.

Bright Eyes: Wow! And you remember all this?

Felicity: It’s one of the few memories I have of my beloved parents.  They died a few days later.

Bright Eyes: Were they in a wreck or something?

Felicity: They died separately.

Bright Eyes: Separate wrecks?

Felicity: Yes. As separate wrecks.

RG 2015


6 thoughts on “GOSEx (1)

    1. Thank you for your question Brother Andrew,

      I’m going to give you a link that will provide you with a more detailed conception of what Dissociative Identity Disorder is and how it works. The Haunted Self: The Structural Dissociation of the Personality.

      Dissociative Identity Disorder is a coping mechanism. It usually develops between the ages of two and five as a response to physically and psychologically abusive environments. Basically what happened to me was that I was physically abused by a Mother who thought I looked pretty when dressed as a girl. I won’t go into the details of the abuse but the result was that I ‘made’ a little girl in my head and brought her out to please my Mother. Eventually she took a name and became ‘distinct’ from me. This piece is censored…the sexual banter is removed and the focus is on the word play.

      The wry laughter means that you got the irony and humor in the writing.

      Please know that you can ask me anything about DID.

      I know how difficult it is for most people to understand but I consider the fact that it exists and is undeniable good news.

      It is evidence of the human mind and our will to survive as intellects.

      We are more our behaviors.

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      1. Yes, Robert, we are far more than our behaviours. Thank you – I have visited the link and followed through I should like to get the Book. I was very close to Caroline while I was in a 12 Step Group for those just out of Institutional care she had DID and I got a call from her one afternoon to say that Geoffrey was threatening to kill her, I spoke to Geoffrey on the telephone and managed to assure him that should he kill Caroline then he would also be killing himself. He was the only male alternate and was violent towards her. The other I know is Elaine who has a 5 year old alternate who once came out while Elaine was driving; and a car driven by a 5 year old was perilous for another friend who was there at the time.

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