GOSEx (2)

GOSEx (2)



Bright Eyes: You have a beautiful name, Felicity.

Felicity: Thank you. I was named after my Mother’s favorite pastime.

Bright Eyes: (coughs) How old are you?

Felicity: Thirty-something.

Bright Eyes: I’m 21. My birthday was yesterday.

Felicity: Happy Birthday. Do you want a present?

Bright Eyes: Sure. Do you got a picture? Or how ’bout that thing you’re named for?

Felicity: I’ll have to wrap it.

Bright Eyes: You’re so sweet! What do you look like?

Felicity: Black hair in a long faux hawk. I’m 5’8, I weigh 115 pounds and my measurements are 32,22,33. And you?

Bright Eyes: I’m 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, I can bench 300 x six reps, and I got black hair in a box cut…And I like to have fun. Did you wrap that gift?

Felicity: What’s a box cut?

Bright Eyes: A high top fade.

Felicity: What’s a high top fade?

Bright Eyes: It’s a kind of cut where hair grows high on top of your head and low on the sides?

Felicity: Like Vanilla Ice?

Bright Eyes: Sorta, but not that old. So I like to hug and kiss my woman and get close…Is that ok?

Felicity: What else?

Bright Eyes: I like to wine ‘n dine ’em.

Felicity: And…

Bright Eyes: If the night is right I get romantic.

Felicity: And…

Bright Eyes: Top the night off with 12 hours of pure sweet love! –Yeeeeehaaaw! I think I got myself off.

Felicity: I’m not even close. R U still there?

Bright Eyes: Hard to type. You were great baby. Gotta run.

Felicity: What about me?

Bright Eyes: Laters…

RG 2015


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