The Authors have Deleted This Site

The Authors have Deleted this SiteWhat does it mean when someone comments on a post and you go to see their blog and the site is gone…in this case within minutes of the comment….Does anyone know?

My first thought is that they’re so horrified that they commented on my post that they committed blogicide. I could be wrong…

And this isn’t the first time…

7 thoughts on “The Authors have Deleted This Site

  1. It could be any reason at all. I’ve had it happen a number of times over the past few years on the multiple blogs that I’ve had…can’t tell you why they follow a blog or comment and then delete their blog. It’s pathetic.

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  2. Did you try the link more than once? Not to point out the obnoxious obvious, but that sounds really odd. Or, maybe that is just the header? Excuse me while I get the squirrel in my head to just stop obsessing over this…

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