#TheDress becomes powerful ad for domestic violence awareness

Youth Of A Nation:Bent not Broke


#TheDress caused quite a stir when it hit the Internet, leaving many people wondering why it was so hard for others to see black and blue or white and gold.

The Salvation Army in South Africa is wondering the same thing in a new Twitter PSA: “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?”

They posted a picture to their Twitter page on Friday as part of a campaign to bring awareness to domestic violence. It features a woman wearing an edited white and gold version of #TheDress. Her bruises are clearly visible — they’re black and blue.


“Why is it so hard to see black and blue? One in 6 women are victims of abuse.”

“The only illusion is if you think it’s her choice,” the image reads. “One in 6 women are victims of abuse. Stop abuse against women.”

“We have had nearly 2,000 tweets in…

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Concerning Anonymity

Mental Health Writers' Guild

anonymous_bloggerAs someone who openly writes about his mental health and mental illnesses and who is totally ‘out there’ and ‘public’ concerning these and how they impact my life.  And as someone who has – as a result of this openness and some people’s extremely poor and uneducated attitude towards mental illness – experienced (and yes suffered) first-hand  some of the prejudice and stigma attached to mental health and mental illness.  I fully understand some folks preference to remain anonymous in their writings and blogging about their own mental health.


My own openness in this regard stems from:

my faith – not wishing to live a lie.

where I am in life – 52 years of age, long-term separated and thus single, unable to work due to mental and physical health issues,

The sincere belief that by being open and public I can have more of an influence in re-educating…

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I Am Not Sick Boy

There was a an article about mental illnesses and how they are one of those Invisible Diseases and there were many quotes speaking to adults. But, here is one I found for our children suffering with mental issues.  I have talked about it before and will bring it up again because we need to learn.  Children with chronic illnesses suffer from depression and anxiety at the very least.  They need their mental health addressed and evaluated and much as they need a physical or a follow-up after surgery.  Our children are not second-hand citizens to be treated as inferior human beings.  It is our responsibility as parents to make sure that we are doing everything possible to help them to live the healthiest life possible.  Here is a quote from Kate Middleton:


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