50 Reasons Dissociative Identity Disorder Can’t be Treated with Cognitive Affirmations and Alcoholics Anonymous

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50 Treatment Issues for Dissociative Identity Disorder

from Discussing Dissociation by Kathy Broady

  • Stabilization of the person – both internally and externally
  • Managing and eliminating self-injury and self-harm issues
  • Examining and obtaining current-day external safety from abuse
  • Internal system safety
  • Developing effective internal communication
  • Calming internal noise and chaos
  • Working specifically with child parts
  • Working specifically with adult parts
  • Working specifically with teenage parts
  • Learning about the other system parts
  • Working with internal perpetrator introjects
  • Creating emotional separation from external perpetrators
  • Working with triggers
  • Correcting cognitive distortions
  • Addressing gender confusion, male vs. female issues
  • Processing emotions
  • Body image issues
  • Reducing time loss, memory loss, amnesia
  • Time confusion, time distortion
  • Trauma processing – memory work
  • Body memories and kinesthetic issues
  • Understanding re-enactments and trauma bonds
  • Healing sexual abuse issues
  • Healing physical abuse issues
  • Healing emotional abuse issues
  • Healing ritualized abuse issues
  • Healing exploitation, pornography, prostitution, sex slavery issues
  • Managing family, marital, parenting issues
  • Addressing addictions
  • Managing eating disorders
  • Household management issues – improving daily functioning
  • Relationship issues and teaching social skills
  • Understanding the effects of trauma on the brain
  • Improving self-independence and self-reliance
  • Improving self esteem issues
  • Leaving disability and regaining employment
  • Depression and medication management
  • Bipolar disorder and medication management
  • Anxiety / Panic and medication management
  • Post-traumatic stress issues (PTSD)
  • Reducing phobias
  • Social anxiety and social isolation
  • Safely eliminating suicidal ideation and suicidal behaviors
  • Homicidal ideation and anger management
  • Exploring spiritual confusion
  • Philosophical issues
  • Detachment and separation issues
  • Treating sleep disorders
  • Treating medical complications and physical harm resulting from the abuse
  • Reaching integration, blended states, or effective system team work


3 thoughts on “50 Reasons Dissociative Identity Disorder Can’t be Treated with Cognitive Affirmations and Alcoholics Anonymous

  1. I know like today was stressful and especially around people. I never understood the implications of what the abuse to me did until I really stop denying what is bugging me and making me feel so flat and unloved. A perception that is not true and building a safety plan.

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    1. Also the struggle against denial is ongoing…it is especially easy to go into denial about DID because so much of the stigma is related to questioning the honesty of the people who have the diagnosis. Why someone would pretend to be in this much psychic pain and maintain the pretense for years on end is a mystery to me. If I could cut the DID out of my brain I would.

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