An illustration based on the fall of Lucifer

Theological Drama Queens

March 23, 2015

Let’s vote these hypocrites out of office:

From  Right Wing Watch: Ted Cruz Announces Presidential Campaign At Religious Right School Stacked With Anti-Gay Activists

“…marriage equality is the “bidding of the Devil” and warned that by legalizing same-sex marriage, America is ” tempting the wrath of God.” He claims that HIV/AIDS is divine punishment for homosexuality. He has described homosexuality as a “cancer” that prompted Noah’s flood and will ultimately lead to Communism. Barber has said that Satan is behind gay rights efforts, asserting that demonic “spiritual pressure” was driving the campaign to end the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gay members.”

Demons and floods and Communists!  Oh my!

The picture is based on an illustration by Gustave Dore

23 thoughts on “Theological Drama Queens

    1. My first thought was French surrealism:

      a “cancer” that
      prompted Noah’s flood
      will ultimately lead to

      But then I realized that it had no aesthetic or literary value at all.

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  1. Ai cono Ted Cruz. I’m filled with disgust.

    But on a more positive note I like the color effects on the Dore image, did you add them?

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  2. The scary thing is that I don’t think Hillary has a chance, and apparently Warren won’t run. The extremists are going to be running virtually unopposed, I fear.

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    1. We don’t have to vote for them. I don’t think Hillary has a chance either. It would be nice if Democrats would find their ovaries and start demonstrating more fight. I think the current condition of the country is as much the fault of people who sit on their hands as the extremists.

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      1. Well no, I will definitely not vote Republican, I just worry there will be no alternative and they will win by default.

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      2. They do have the edge don’t they?

        Anyone who believes that a win by cheating is as good as a legit win always has the edge. 🙂

        Let’s see, gerrymandering? Check!
        Voter Suppression Laws? Check!
        Rigged voting machines in swing states? Check?

        Yep…unless people who believe that they have the right to live in a civilized nation with a government that serves all of the people haul ass and vote we can expect to wake up in 1889 next year.

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      3. Yes, and someone to run against the cheaters! I mean, I really don’t even know who might be a potential candidate. Whoever is opposing them, gets my vote. Hopefully they don’t try and go too far to the right in order to appeal to all sides.

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      4. There is something going on right now that feels like a shift. It may have something to do with Pope Francis and the fact that one of the leaders of one of the largest religions in the world is talking about poverty instead of groin management…or it may have something to do with the fact that the policies that failed us thirty years ago are still failing us except that now the pain has reached the middle class.

        We’ve got time..If Al Gore ran I think he’s win…and we’d finally have the President we voted for in 2000.

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      5. That would be awesome! Unless the court decides to steal it away again. I was so mad after that. I wanted to emigrate.

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      6. It was one of the most corrupt moments in American politics at that point–

        We’ve exceeded ourselves since then.

        I will never forget Scalia’s “you lost, get over it” comment.

        I thought wow! For a homophobe he sure knows his gay slang!

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      7. Hahahaha! Well, I’m cautiously optimistic that if somebody does get put up against these wastes of skin, that the vote will be so overwhelmingly in favor of the progressives, even with their tricks, that they won’t be able to steal it. And then hopefully we can get turnout in the congressional elections as well.

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      8. No. I will not subject myself to that. It gets me too riled up and isn’t good for me. I saw a few posts on FB about it, but skipped past because I just can’t see people’s hatred for anything he does. And I wish people would think of voting as a duty, not just a right. Sadly, that isn’t the case.

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      9. They used to think of it as a duty because people were aware of the fact that people died to get the vote. The suffragettes were brutalized and let’s not even talk about the Civil Right’s act if only because we haven’t fully secured it. Yes they rile me up too but lately they’ve become caricatures of themselves. It’s almost as if they crawled into the shell of the most outrageous left wing stereotype of conservatism and decided to make it theirs. We’re talking about a commitment to retaining money and privileged that supersedes everything, including whatever stand they took they day before yesterday.

        The weird thing is that most of their supporters have neither money or privilege-racism is a virus that destroys common sense.

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      10. It is. Hate in general is. It is one of the reasons I hated my home town so much. Luckily, a lot of that has changed, but it is still all too prevalent everywhere. It was one of my biggest worries moving back here.

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      11. The generation coming up now gives me hope. They are a bit oblivious still, but if they get active, I think things could be good.

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