My Left Foot

House Bound

I’ve got a big fat cast on my left foot that extends all the way up to the knee. I twisted the ankle on a photo shoot and tore a tendon.

So in a way the cast is like an award for being a klutz, well done.

I haven’t even worn the cast a whole day and I feel bloated.

My body wants exercise and it wants exercise now.

My focus in life is not blogging as much as my photo shoots.

I can spend hours looking for odd juxtapositions and random moments of natural beauty.

So here I am.

I’ve decided that I will use the crutches for exercise and maybe, just maybe, I can go for short hops and use the camera in my cell phone.

In the meantime I will have the time to pay closer attention to the blog, to learn more about how to integrate Twitter…and to perhaps go back to Flickr, which I’ve set aside while I learn Word Press.

I go back to the doc on April 25th.

That’s when the cast is supposed to come off.

Only thirty more days to go…

19 thoughts on “My Left Foot

  1. Ouch, hope it all gets better soon, Robert.

    At least you can spend sometime on WordPress. I’m no expert but happy to help if you have any questions about WordPress. I’ve been here just over a year now and have picked up some great tips from other bloggers on the ins and outs of WordPress.

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  2. Robert, what an terrible thing to happen. Hope you heal fast and back taking photos. Think your plan B is a good one to work on blog, Flickr & WP…exercise for the brain. And time flies at the computer! Take care. Christine

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  3. Yikes, I’m sorry to hear that. I hate you won’t be able to go out doing what you love as much, but do look forward to reading more of your posts.

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    1. Thank you–I figured I should write a status report in case I sound cranky–I sometimes don’t know how my tone comes across but I do know that it is colored by my mood and level of discomfort.

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