To My Partner

My Partner

Thank you for 23 years of unconditional love, for accepting me at my worst, for staying when you were frightened, for fighting with me, and fighting for me


Thank you for living with my moods, for accepting my alternates, for setting your limits and uniting us in love and respect for you.


Thank you for learning about my illness, for choosing to live with the stigma, for loving someone with a mental illness.


Thank you for teaching me about family, for the homework with your nieces, for calling your Mother every night, for making sure that the people you love know that you love them.


Thank you for sharing your grief with me as you mourn the loss of your Father.

Thank you for always being a man I am honored to know and love.


You are proof of Godโ€™s love and proof of Godโ€™s mercyโ€ฆ


Thank you for being my Partner.


RG 2015


50 thoughts on “To My Partner

      1. Cool. That’s particularly amazing that you guys grew up and together rather than growing apart. As I said earlier, good for you guys. That takes not only a special connection but also a wonderful commitment. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Beautiful. Still exploring your site. I know you call it mental “illness” but to me in a way that makes it sound as though there is something wrong with you, but as a person I don’t see that there is something wrong with you. I see you as unique. You are who you are. DID is part of what makes you – you. How would you feel if it all went away? That might be something you would want. I’m sure you have thought of how life would if you were alone with yourself. Since, for as long as you can remember this has been your life To have your alters gone could be something that you might mourn.

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    1. yeah… I suppose I do make it sound like there is something wrong with me and yeah… maybe there isn’t…but when 99 percent of the people you thought were your friends, walk away from you and your extended family decides not to acknowledge a call of condolence over the loss of your uncle, and you spend the day reeling around because you haven’t slept, it’s hard not to feel like things are wrong somehow…perhaps when we live in a culture that normalizes a multiplicity of selves the way it does pathological narcissism I’ll feel more normal…

      Regarding your site,. you have really done a splendid job of reminding us that the people we label: convicts are human beings, and that in many ways our treatment of them makes them more like political prisoners that criminals…

      Thank you for reading my blog and leaving a comment. It’s always good to hear from you. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. I enjoy our conversations. It is not you who has a problem – it is them. To be so narrow minded and judgmental because someone is not the way they are is pathetic. We see it in so many ways – when someone’s religion is different, or the color of their skin, or maybe they don’t have the right kind of job. I have always lived by the motto – If you don’t like what I’m doing then don’t watch me do it. There is nothing you could do to please these people and they aren’t worth being around. I have people in my life like that. I figure it is their loss because I think I’m a pretty cool person! So are you . . .

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  2. What a beautiful post! I’m sure your partner is extremely happy to see this post and to know how well you cherish this relationship ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless you two โค

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  3. This just shouts out ‘love’ to everyone that reads it, Robert. Love is a beautiful thing, and only those that think they can control it, and turn against others, are the losers in this world.
    Keep on loving and it will look after you.

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  4. This was so beautifully written and conveyed many emotions. May you both be blessed with infinite years of such happiness and joy.
    All relationships should be as this, and a love such as yours should never equal a trip to hell! Speak your truth! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Robert, neither you nor your wonderful partner are going to Hell. Hell is in the heart of those who hate. Congratulations and love to the two of you.

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  6. You said if you are going to hell it is worth it? If it is people like you and your partner that go to hell, can you please save me a seat on that bus??? There is nothing better than what you just described a relationship to be.

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  7. You have done this sis beautifully. While I was reading it, I got all over-whelmed and caught up with emotions.
    Absolutely beautiful and may you both stay blessed and happy.

    Kind Regards,

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      1. Robert, with the love you share there is no hell in this world and after โค
        You are a truly blessed soul! I am so happy to come across you on this platform.


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      2. With this sort of love, there can never be hell. Neither int he works now after.
        Blessings to both of you. I am so glad to have come across you on this platform, Robert. You are a wonderful soul.

        Kind Regards,

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      3. Love is sustenance, to deny people the right to love is to deny them sustenance; the sole function discrimination/stigma/racism/sexism/classism (they all share the same goal) is to take away those aspects of life that make us human and allow us to persevere.

        Bigots thrive on silence which is why we must speak out.

        …thank you for reading my post and leaving your comment…


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