A Flower For My “Forever” Mom

August 21st
There are moments in life that are so profound on so many levels that their impact is hard to describe.

Yesterday a package arrived for me from lbeth1950 whose blog Nutsrok was one of the first blogs I read after I joined the WordPress community.

I opened the package and found a beautiful hand-made bag from lbeth and a poem from her Mother.

I will never again doubt the existence of unconditional acceptance and love.

Love is everywhere.

We have to extend ourselves to find it.

It took me two years to gain the confidence to move beyond Flickr into other forms of social media.

If this blog never gets another view or follower again, I will consider it a success because of the bag and the gift of this poem from lbeth’s Mother:


If you had been my little boy
I’m sure our lives would have been filled with joy
Tho’ there were five there would have been
room for one more childish grin.

Though time has passed and the years have gone
we should never feel that we’re alone.

‘Ere my battle is over, and my race is run-
I want you to know you’re my ‘forever’ Son.

Lest you forget you’ll always be-
My Son from now to eternity.

Kathleen Swain


26 thoughts on “A Flower For My “Forever” Mom

    1. She and her family astonish me and affirm my faith in humnan kindness. It is so easy to see nothing but the evil in our world because it is so loud and blatant. But the good is everywhere, quietly forging community.

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