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Featured blogger for May attracts with surrealism

I am very excited. I will be featuring fellow blogger Rob Goldenstein in my Emma Blogs May newsletter and a full feature story in May. An abstract by Rob Goldenstein titled, Mr. Anguish.

Rob Goldenstein's abstract. Rob Goldenstein’s abstract.

May is the mental health month. I’ve often reported on mental health issues for the print media, and as such I have received the  Jim Neubacher award  for reporting without bias.

I have no bias. I have a brother Vaclav Konecny who is a paranoid schizophrenic and mental health problems run in our family. My uncle took his own life in his early fifties. I often write about mental health issues in my memoir “Greenwich Meridian.”

I think surrealism as an art form fits many mental health disorders. I am naturally attracted to surrealism myself, because I feel it best express the turmoil inside.

“Do you write…

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