Flickr Wednesday – Joe Vance

This week it’s my pleasure to showcase the work of Joe Vance.

Joe’s user name on Flickr is Oliver Odd.

Joe works with abstract and surrealist designs.

His work is colorful and bold.

He says in his profile statement that he is “…part Irish and Part Scottish. Like to think I’m an artist & went to Art School & College some years ago.

“…A few years ago I decided to get back to Art & learned how to use a few simple Photo editing programs…never done it before so three years ago joined Flickr & now have over 8000 images in my stream that I’ve created…well most of them

I’ve realized how much time’s been wasted & now create artwork on a nearly daily basis…”

Below are some of my favorite works from Joe’s Flickr stream:

The Glowing

vi The Glowing

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

The End Is In Sight

The End Is In Sight

He died for Us – All of Us

He Died for Us - All of Us

Oliver Odd’s Selfie

oliver.odd's Selfie

There are over 8000 wonderful images on Joe’s Flickr stream.

You won’t regret spending some time choosing your own favorites.

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