I Am not Your Poor Thing


Blog for Mental Health 2015

The man who sits in his own filth on the corner of Height at Webster is by law and species a human being.

What do we mean by human?

This must be a tough question to ask and answer because I haven’t seen it asked of any of our media experts who discuss the poor and disabled as if they are things.

Poor things.

Broken things.

Things that cost too much money to fix.

“If only our country wasn’t so darned poor we could help the poor things!” said  the rich Americans.

“So, Mrs. Clinton, what is your position on the use of “lethal Neglect” on citizens with mental illnesses?

Applied Eugenics, pge 134.

How easy it is to absorb and internalize a lifetime of hateful lies about medical conditions that affect the brain.

I’m mentally ill. I’m stupid and lazy.

I’m mentally ill and disabled. I’m a stupid lazy loser.

I’m mentally ill and old. I’m useless.

The Envy of the World at Rest

It will rub hatred and fear as a lotion on its skin.

It will do this whenever it is told.

The Envy of the World at Rest

One of the reasons these outdated stereotypes continue is the name calling that passes for political debate in the United States.

Debates in which the poor and mentally ill are discussed as if they are things.

Lazy things.

Undeserving things.

Things that fake mental illness to get disability.

Things that just want to screw all the time.

Things that live like rats and roaches.

Our things to do with as we please.