Hate Speech is not Free

Hate Speech is not Free

Preacher preaching love like vengeance
Preaching love like hate
Calling for large donations
Promising estates
Rolling lawns and angel bands
Behind the pearly gates
You know he will have his in this life
But yours will have to wait
He’s immaculately tax-free

Joni Mitchell – Tax Free

Flickr Wednesday: ♣Cleide@.♣

This Flickr Wednesday it’s my pleasure to present ♣Cleide@.♣ .

I’ve admired her work for many years and I am honored that she has agreed to let me showcase her art on my blog.

In her profile she says:

Brasileira, nascida em São Paulo, casada, dois filhos e duas netinhas.

UA Brazilian born in São Paulo, married, a son, a daughter and two granddaughters.

Here are some of my favorite works from her Flickr stream.

Céu No Amanhecer – The Sky Dawn –

céu  no amanhecer -  the sky dawn -

End of The Path

end of the path

Blue Sea
Sparkles on the blue sea
Brasil 2015

blue sea

Spring colors To my dear friend Xandra.
Happy Birthday!

Spring colors

The Trombone – A Brass Instrument

the trombone - a brass instrument

Birds – Made in Wood

birds - made in wood.



Electrifying Dusk

electrifying dusk