Is that the Spicy Combo?

Living a Beautiful Life

The little place I stop into for lunch is packed.  Not surprising.  Same as everywhere in the city around this time.  I place my order and they give me a buzzer along with my change.  I look around for a table.  None have magically appeared.  Okay, just pick one.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”  The guy looks up from his book and gestures an invitation to join him.  “Please,” he says with a nod and a smile.  “Thanks.”  I place my headphones, lipstick and DVDs on the table.  He’s not-looking as I try to contain my invasion to allow him to carry on enjoying his book and lunch.

My buzzer vibrates around the table and I return with my order.  I help myself to a cup of tea from the carafe at the counter.  I quell my instinct to ask Book Guy if he’d also like a cup of…

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