Taking Care of Yourself During Bouts of Mental Illness …Depression and Anxiety


Anxiety  and depression  will wear on your body. When you can feel  a downward spiral  coming on, take extra care of your body.

Getting  extra rest is very important.  Also be forgiving  of yourself,  if you have trouble keeping track of what you are doing  and remembering  things.

Lack of sleep will affect your memory and so will depression and anxiety.  If you are having  a combination of insomnia, depression  or anxiety,  then your brain will not be working  so well to remember  day to day things.

Try to make lists and write things down that you need to remember.  Getting  stressed out over not remembering  will make you feel worse and will make your memory worse.

Be kind to yourself, as if you were caring for a friend with mental illness. Take baths or showers, so you feel clean. Change the sheets on your bed, so that  you feel…

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