Don’t Let Disinformation Give You Social Security Worries


Social Security works.Thanks to propaganda produced by special interest groups, it’s no wonder people worry about our Social Security program. However, our government-run Social Security program actually works very well.

What is the motivation to demonize Social Security? Corporate interests would like to privatize it, to create another market sector they may exploit – which would be a risky business for the retirement savings that would provide funds for such profiteers.

Bernie Sanders lays the SMACKDOWN on Koch Social Security Lies

The Koch Brothers are funding think tanks and other organizations which are spreading an enormous amount of disinformation about Social Security.

— Sen. Bernie Sanders

This video is a clip from Brave New Film’s 2014 documentary ‘Koch Brothers Exposed.’

Could Social Security go bankrupt? Not Likely

The news media often don’t help by running scary headlines suggesting that the Social Security Trust Fund will run out of money in…

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