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Cover Page
Cover page of the 1949 Universal    Reference Encyclopedia

When members of a certain cult mentions the good old days, whose ‘good old days’ do they mean?

They can’t mean the 1980s because that was when they complained the loudest, even as they gained the power to dismantle one of the most successful economic experiments in human history: regulated capitalism.

Regulated capitalism is premised on the idea that people be allowed to pursue private wealth, but not at the cost of our Democracy, self-government and the mandate that a government of the people serve the interests of all the people.

The history of our social evolution is the history of common people who were willing to die to correct a major institutional screw up caused by old ideas, superstition, arrogance, profit motive and ignorance.

Slavery is a major screw up. People die to correct the mistake.

Denying the vote to women is a major screw-up. Women die to correct the mistake.

Segregation is a major screw up. People die to correct the mistake.

Imposing personal and religious standards of sexual morality on GLBT people is a major screw up. GLBT people die to correct mistake.

How is it possible that in 2015 with the entire collected  knowledge of our species available in most homes and public places in the U.S. that people in the U.S. don’t know the difference between Socialism and a Progressive Tax?

I am certain that the generations of Americans that fought World Wars 1 and 2 were not socialists.

I can prove that anyone who accused them of being socialist or communist would ultimately be asked to account for his lack of decency.

Five years ago, I found a copy of the Universal World Reference Encyclopedia.

Given the crazy nature of the our public discourse in the 21st century opening these volumes and reading the entries on taxes and social security was like a refreshing breeze of reason.

Portion of a 1949 Universal World Reference Entry on Social Security
Portion of a 1949 Universal World Reference Entry on Social Security

“By the beginning of the 20th century it began to be realized that modern political and economic conditions allowed for the growth of widespread poverty, and that large segments of the working population were subject to adversities beyond their control which resulted in substandard living, loss of work, deficiency diseases, and inadequate funds for an independent old age; wage levels in many industries were insufficient to allow for adequate savings and a standard of living of “minimum health and decency.” With the advent of the depression of the 1930’s it became apparent that existing organizations and family groups could not relieve general economic distress during protracted periods of business inactivity and as a result both the government and the public were persuaded that a comprehensive system of economic insurance be inaugurated. This need was met by the Social Security Act passed by Congress in 1935.”
The 1949 Universal Reference Encyclopedia.

You don’t have to like the fact that Roosevelt used the better ideas of socialism to create a mixed economy that regulated capitalism.

You just have to get right with the truth that it was smart and it worked.

Social Security is a compulsory tax.

Just like the Affordable Care Act.

Using the government to create a common fund to protect each other from undue hardship is not Socialism.

It’s common sense.

Public Domain Scan of a Government Poster from the 1940's
Government Poster from the 1940’s

Simple solutions seldom are. It takes a very unusual mind to undertake analysis of the obvious.
Alfred North Whitehead

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