Love/Hate Challenge

I was nominated for the Love/Hate Challenge by Wil at Wil.

Thank you for the nomination Wil!

For reasons I can’t fathom, the page lost all of it’s formatting when I first published it–So I trashed the first post. This post isn’t looking much better but I’m sick of tweaking it.

Here are the instructions:

List 10 things I love and 10 things I hate – then nominate 10 fellow bloggers to do the same

Here are 10 things I love:



Music of all kinds


Photography (including VR Photography)

My family.

Fresh air

Martial Arts film (Bruce Lee still rules)

Invader Zim (You’ve got head pigeons!)

San Francisco


10 Things I hate:

Black and White thinking. (Ideologies are the lies we tell ourselves when we don’t want to know we are wrong.)

Fake Christians 

Gamers who cheat. Cheating isn’t winning. It’s stealing.

Virtual Sex (I think it’s creepy, and yes, I’ve tried it.)

Sex freaks that stalk me with usernames like “bigdixx”, “hugedixx” and “dixxeydixx”.  I did get a laugh out of “ClutchingLips Resident” — (BTW Men with bragging rights about don’t advertise; they get testimonials.)

Haters who think getting called out on it is a form of discrimination. This nonsensical response to being held accountable apparently predates 1822.  (It is not “discrimination” to expect you to fully take part in modern democracy and to ask you to treat the freedoms granted you by the First Amendment with respect.)

Behavioral Psychiatry. An evidence based study shows that you leave the mentally ill out of your evidence based studies.

The Benghazi Bullshit. (Take the take the log of Iraq out of your own eye before you accuse anyone else of treason.

Wealthy, childless, unmarried, career women that trash feminism. (Ann Coulter is the only argument Ann Coulter needs against liberalism.)

I hate that Jason over at Opinionated Man isn’t blogging. May the God’s of Blogging and the Internets send flocks of ravens to peck out the keyboards of the troll responsible.

And may hairs grow out of their ears. (That curse always comes true)

My Nominees are for the Love/Hate Award are:

Everyone that reads this.


It’s fun.