This is a powerful statement of love and dedication.

authenticitee speaks

Our Son of Color

I see how you look at me

Out the corner of my eye

Saying I don’t need the makeup

I’m applying…

Well I see how they look at you

Out the corner of my eye

Thinking you don’t belong

Son of Color

They’re L Y I N G


When you hold my hand

Mine’s so small

Yours is almost

A covering

Not wanting to let go

I’m left wondering

How much longer

I can cover you

From what’s hovering

For 9 months I carried your promise;

Your weight, brown skin and loud

Voice set the earth realm afire

I remember the first time

You looked up at me

Latched on for nourishing

You now look to me for answers

Discerning times are DIRE


We’d been entrusted with a gift

A responsibility

A risk

Raising a Black Male in America

Your Father and I

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