Anti-bullying public service ad in the sidebar.

Lucky Otters Haven

This is now in the sidebar.

This is a bully free blog. I allow dissenting opinions, of course, but trollish or abusive comments from bullies and trolls won’t be allowed (and have never been allowed). Every day I go through my comments folder, and sometimes I come across these comments. I can check IP addresses and take screenshots if I want. But I’ve never had a reason to, and hopefully never will. So abusive comments do not normally get approved and get sent to Trash. Fortunately I haven’t had too many. If an abusive comment shows up without my having to approve it (normally this happens if it’s someone who has commented before), it will be deleted and sent to Spam or (possibly) approved and called out.

Anti-bullying is a thing these days, and I’m glad it finally is. Bullying was never taken seriously when I was a child and…

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