The Two of Us



The Two of Us
      Matthew and James at City Hall

In your eyes
I can see
So sure
And those eyes
Are not for hurting
You have the power
In those eyes
In your eyes
As bright as the stars
As blue as the sky
I could die
In your eyes

Joan Armatrading – In Your Eyes



These thirsty souls, these thirsty souls,
Oh why do we deny, that we are all
Brothers and sisters, oh why do we deny
Freedoms beating heart, beat baby

And Hippy blood,
Running through our veins
Hippy blood
Where freedom reigns

Ingrid Chavez – Hippy Blood


Flickr Wednesday: Armon Aeon

I am a big fan of virtual reality as a tool for making pictures, especially as illustrations for my poems and short stories.

For every story about the superficial consumerism of virtual gaming communities like Second Life,  there are stories of people who use virtual reality to learn new things about themselves or as a means of recovering from a traumatic accident or loss.

I have met people who have lost the use of their legs who use VR because it restores a measure of lost mobility.

The brain can respond to virtual dancing the way it does to real dancing.

This is a boon for people who have lost the use of their legs.

I know people who can’t draw a straight line in real life who have discovered that they have an eye for color and composition and can use photos of digital landscapes as the base image for digital paintings.

Armon Aeon is an artist who works in the VR community called Second Life.

As with many members of Second Life, he prefers to go by the name that he uses in SL.

I think that at his best, his work is astonishing.

Portrait of Armon Aeon by AyE ღ Cre[ART]ive Photography

ΛЯMOП | Portrait (B&W Close-up)

Between Two Different Worlds

Between Two Different Worlds

Am I Blue…

Amy Winehouse Exquisite filters created by Doni (Tigre)

Am I Blue...

Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields

Italian Summer

For Doni

At the end of the Italian Summer
It rains fast and it rains hard
The wind blows right through you
It tears you apart
Ooh it’s so romantic
Hey it’s so soulful
The rain falls down
And the thunder rolls

The sun fades out
And the mountains grow tall
The mists rush in and they take it all
From the islands you see Li Galli and Capri
I remember it all
Love was everywhere
You just had to fall

Stevie Nicks – Italian Summer

Italian Summer

Swim Faster

Swim Faster

In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes