The Fire of the Dragon Award

Fire of the Dragon Award

Thank you to CELONA’S BLOG for The fire of a Dragon Award

The rules:

  1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
  2. Pass the award on to other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  3. Give 7 facts about yourself.

Ok, 7 facts about me.

I’m a member of Second Life, and no, I don’t use it as a replacement for my life and no, I don’t
use it as a replacement for sex. It’s sad that I have to add a disclaimer, but I do understand why
people assume that a member of SL is there for sex. |It’s good to remember that the whole internet was once thought of as a troll zone for dirty old and (young) men.

I don’t really consider myself gay or straight. The only reason I claim a sexual orientation are the moral hypocrites who are so intent on intruding on my privacy and trampling on my rights as a
. (My sex life is so private I don’t even post pictures of it.)

I don’t eat meat.

I build and repair my computers.

My favorite episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is Cave Dwellers.

My next favorite episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is Outlaw of Gore

I love the animated Batman series. It’s an influence on my art work.

My nominees for Fire of the Dragon Award are:


Leonard Durso


All Things Chronic


Problems With Infinity





35 thoughts on “The Fire of the Dragon Award

    1. Thank you for reading. It always pleases me when someone leaves a comment–I feel as if all of us are collaborating on building a global community–It’s exciting and sometimes overwhelming…:)

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      1. Robert, take a pat on the back. Enjoy it. I also want to say congrats on your marriage or pending marriage. It’s a very special time, made stronger by the strength to share your joy, instead of hide.
        I’m glad you’re on the team.

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    1. I bet its even more hilarious to watch it with kids. When I first saw it, it took me fifteen minutes to figure out why the little people at the bottom of the screen kept talking…then I heard what they were saying and I was instantly hooked…

      It’s my favorite show of all time…


  1. Robert, first congratulations on your award and sharing some interesting facts about yourself. Also, thank you for honoring me by this nomination but I shy away from awards. Your following and appreciation of things I post are reward enough for me. But I appreciate your thoughtfulness in nominating me. And I have to say I admire your ability to repair your computers. Technology is still shrouded in mystery for me.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad I checked my spam folder because this was in it…I understand about the awards…they do take work — I’m lucky that I pick things up–computers seem simple to me, but I know that technology often feels intimidating–BTW, the images from Pluto are astonishing, don’t you think?


      1. Thanks again. As for the images, I can’t seem to see them all. They don’t always open for me and sometimes I’m knocked off the site. It must be something to do with my server.

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      2. I’m using a back up computer while I’m working on the main system. Much can depend on the graphics card. I try to reduce the file sizes as much as possible — but I may be posting image files that are large..if your system is over six months old you may need to refresh the drivers for your graphics card…I had a problem with certain types of image files not opening and updating the drivers cleared it–

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      3. I’m not very savvy when it comes to technology and this is an apple desktop but I’ll ask a friend who knows apple and have him walk me through it. Thanks for the advice.

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      4. I think the drivers on Apple systems are called “extensions” but that may be dated information. I do know that regardless of the system, performance does degrade over time, so it’s good to have someone come in refresh the system.

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      1. This was one of the first Quad Core systems — We’ve been very happy together, every so often I would bring it an upgrade and it would purr happily for months at a time…but alas..she needs a new Motherboard…

        I’ll take a picture when she’s off the blocks…

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      2. I’ve had people who want to come over to see it–I expect that in about 15 years the box may have value because of the design and the space. it came with an Nvidia “SLI” motherboard and a 1000 watt power supply that easily ran two high end graphics cards…

        This system was made before Dell purchased alienware

        Dell’s version of a gaming system isn’t the same…

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