đŸ’˜authenticitee IS 6 mos. old TODAYđŸ’˜ Your support has been overwhelmingly beautiful…


authenticitee is 6 mos. old today!

Six months eh?(Yawn) So um yeah, what’s the big deal?! (Scrolls Down) Doesn’t sound like a long time right? (Likes Post Without Reading)

Well let’s see!

If you’ve ever started a new relationship, venture, business or diet; you knowreaching the halfway mark is pretty darn impressive! Better yet if you have tried to break a bad habit or abstain from any temptation, 6 mos.can be a looong time!

I must pause to say thank you to my subscribers. Though I constantly bombard(ed) my family and friends about authenticitee;out of all of my subscribers, I only know 15 personally!

That speaks VOLUMES about the thriving community of NEW faces showing me love! Your support has been overwhelmingly beautiful..

It’s not easy being new in any setting:

So know that I am extremely grateful!…

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