Happy Birthday Laura L.

Happy Birthday Laura L
                Happy Birthday Laura L

This flower is for one of my favorite bloggers.

Laura L. was one of the first bloggers on Word Press to read my blog and leave comments.

I had to follow her because I couldn’t resist a blog named wtf Am I On About Now?

But I would have followed her anyway because I love blunt talk and honesty.

Laura, I think you’re an inspiration and I hope that you like flowers.

I’ve set this up so you can download it if you want…

I’ll also send you a full resolution copy if you give me an email address.

The safest way is to open a free yahoo or Google account and close it once you get the picture.

That way you don’t have to worry about trolls.

Happy Birthday to Laura!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Laura L.

  1. I love flowers and I love old-fashioned roses especially. I used to have several in my garden in CA. Sigh. Things haven’t been easy, as you know, and today was another rough day with me swearing up and down how much I hate people. Then you go and do something nice and wonderful like this. It means more than you can ever know. Really good timing on this one. ♥

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