Private to “Most of us don’t need a psychiatrist”

Reuben Chip Santos


My favorite letters in the Dear Abbey Column are the ones she writes as a private response to an undisclosed writer.

I’ve decided that this is a perfect response to the “questionable” comments I get in my email.

This will be an ongoing project:

Private to “Most of us don’t need to see a psychiatrist—grow up!”

I’m glad that you don’t need a psychiatrist and that you think you’ve grown up.

You might want to see a behaviorist for your arrogance.

They are not really psychiatrists, so you won’t be breaking your rule.


18 thoughts on “Private to “Most of us don’t need a psychiatrist”

  1. YES! So very true! Have learned this for myself as I dealt with my own “stuff” prior to getting out of the AF… the true sign of weakness is criticizing or condemning someone for having the strength to reach out!

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  2. AMAZING!!! Yes.

    I usually mention that I am in therapy during face to face conversations. And when the person/ppl I am talking to look uncomfortable, I just give them a mocking look, to say “I know you’re a hater, but you’re a bit too embarrassed to say that rude shit to my fave, aren’t you? Let’s enjoy this awkward silence that YOU have caused.”
    Very satisfying as well.

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  3. Touché I just got my first neg comment tonight and thought WoW. He actually told me to “Shut the f**k” . I was going to get rude back but deleted it instead

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      1. I have a short fuse sometimes with idiots and almost sent a msg back, then realized that was what he wanted, so he could send something else. Better to just erase it so no one else has to read it, too.

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