Private to “What happened to free speech in this country?”

Karl Rove creates the first right wingz feminist on December 8, 1962.
                 The Birth of Ann Coulter

This email takes up the fact that I remove idiotic comments from my blog.

Private to “What happened to free speech in this country?

From what I see everyone has it.

You have the right to make idiotic comments and I have the right to call them idiotic or to cut them from my inbox.

You have the right to free speech…but my blog is not your soapbox, it’s mine.


16 thoughts on “Private to “What happened to free speech in this country?”

    1. Thank you. I don’t know why people think “free speech” is the right to say anything you want anywhere at any time…

      Some people think that not being allowed to post real and virtual porn all over the place is censorship–as if people who don’t really care about the detailed workings of over-sized digital penises should be fainting with lust, and grateful for any opportunity to see one of these things perforating an avatar’s neck.

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  1. Idiots. They exist everywhere and they’re too many to outrun, sadly. The only choice we’ve got is to smile about their narrow-mindedness and be entertained by their desperate cries for attention and their misbeliefs. Keep smiling friend, it’s not worth the wrinkles you’re getting from frowning.

    Best wishes to you Rob! 😉

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      1. I found a picture that I made that merged her face onto the character of Scarlett O’Hara when she made the “Our blacks are so much better than theirs” comment in 2011.

        I think I’ll post it, even though the statement is a few years old, just because I think its funny.

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