Obama Sings “Amazing Grace”

Kate Houck, Poems

Glory how this voice resonates through my ears.
Speak of hope.
Glory. Speak of glory.
The heavenly bodies rise in ascension.
Grace. Speak of life.
Speak of time. Speak of resurrection.
We will bring forth justice.
Speak of time and its limits.
I will fall forward for you. The one who harnesses my energy.
And helps me break through. I will speak of you.
I will praise you and where you have brought us.
Nowhere. I will speak of lies.
Help me negotiate these fresh mornings.
I will speak of you. How is your life?
Are we all caught up? Have you seen us through.
I will speak of you.
God damn.         I have caught the truth.
Let this fresh morning break through.
When bombs were set forth,
Did your fresh morning break through?
Or did your flowers wilt.
I will speak of you. And how…

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“More Than Best Friends”

Found on Sue Vincent’s blog Daily Echo

Author Kevin Morris has just announced that “More than Best Friends” is now available for download. The book is an anthology of stories and poems from more than a dozen writers designed to help raise both funds and awareness for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Kevin writes: “The purpose of this anthology is to raise much needed funds for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, (www.guidedogs.org.uk/), the UK charity which provides highly trained working dogs enabling visually impaired people to live and work independently. As someone who is now working with my fourth guide dog, Trigger (you can see Trigger and I on the front cover) I am acutely aware of the vital role dogs like my four-legged friend Trigger play in enhancing the independence of blind and partially sighted people. All monies donated go directly to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association so do please give whatever you can afford. I and other guide dog owners greatly appreciate your generosity.”

“More than Best Friends”

Found on Sue Vincent’s blog Daily Echo

This is an important cause, please read more here: “More than Best Friends”

To My Friends on Word Press


Hello to my Friends on Word Press.

It’s time for me to take a week off to rebuild my computer.

I will begin posting again on the 20th, although I will post Flickr Wednesday on the 15th.

My gratitude to everyone who reads my blog.

Your support and acceptance proves that there are open and fair minds in the world, and on the internet.

With respect,

Rob Goldstein