How Codependents Leave Abusive Narcissistic Relationships


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You may be feeling crazy because you love a narcissist and are afraid to leave the abusive relationship.  It will be easier to help yourself leave the more you know about codependency and narcissistic personality disorder.   Abusive narcissists require someone who is willing to cater to their needs and to give up their own desires.  Narcissists are self-destructive people with concealed low self-esteem and insatiable needs for attention and nothing to give. They parasitically attach to a giving, supportive person who avoids center stage and thrives on taking care of others.

Expecting something from an abusive narcissist who has nothing to give can make a codependent feel crazy.  Trying to pretend that the narcissist is someone he or she is not can drive you wild.  So what is codependency?  Codependents are people who have spent years negotiating with reality concerning particular people from their past and present.  Codependents spend years trying to get…

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You start to live when you commit your life to cause higher than yourself. You must learn to depend on divine power for the fulfillment of a higher callingLailah GiftyAkita



There could be too many things to attend too
In an adventurous seeking being
One I represent
With an ever moving thought
Searching for inspiration for creativity
Unshattered by disillusion of coming events

Taking this time to pause
Ruminating on events of the past
And how you chose me still
Regardless the roaming mind I possess
That one you abhor
One you never represent

Would I say you don’t exist
Do I continually repeat my fear
When all I see is your cares
For my mistakes never consumed you
My experiences points to your selfless watch over me
Yet I still bother a little more

I do believe in You still
With an absolute certainty

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Psychological Damage and Retraumatization


People with mental illness often have psychological damage from being subject to abuse during childhood, Then very often they are retraumatized in adulthood by ending up being the victims of predators, There are narcissistic people that prey people who have C-PTSD from childhood abuse.

Some predators actually will evaluate

you during conversations early in the relationship. They find out about your past and what the effects were. Yes,  when they were seeming to be so sweet and caring, they were pumping you for information, in order to asses how broken you were.

These predators know that broken people are easier to brainwash and drag into their world of control and manipulation. The relationships we have with people like this, retraumatize us and add to the C-PTSD we already had.

You have chosen to click on this post because the title of it struck a nerve with you. Most likely you…

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