Today, I Am Not a Victim

meme of Ted Cruz saying there is no room for athiests and gays in America in a speech at Liberty University.
How many children does he damage with his cynical use of hate to win votes?

We refuse to see the victims of hate speech but they are everywhere.

I don’t know if it is fear, selfishness, greed, ignorance or combinations of these.

What I know is that the statement, “I am not a victim” only applies to those people who have the resources they need to undo the damage and find self-acceptance.

To the extent that I have resources to heal my mind and see beyond the goal of
mere survival as an organism I am not a victim.

To the extent that my mind is free of the self-loathing and helplessness fostered in me by my narcissistic Mother and an abusive culture I am not a victim.

To the extent that I break my silence without freezing in panic I am not a victim.

Today I am free of the limitations imposed on me before I even understood that I had a mind.

Today I accept that I was a victim and now I am in charge of my life.

I must use what I’ve learned to help those who stay trapped in institutional and domestic abuse and in the mentality that all oppressive systems foster in their victims.

I must express what I’ve learned as a victim and a survivor to free other minds.

If there is a destiny; this is mine.

(c)  Rob Goldstein 2015 All Rights Reserved

The quote by Ted Cruz was found online. The image is not mine.






16 thoughts on “Today, I Am Not a Victim

  1. Maybe it’s time to speak out and heal those around us, sadly for me it’s happened late in life. If I can help others to heal before they get old then maybe that’s what I should do!

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    1. I’m with you one that!…It happened late in life for me too…but there’s fire in the old guy yet…:) “Sometimes I think that’s the best thing to hope for when you’re eulogized — after all the words and recitations and resumes are read, to just say someone was a good man.” President Barack Obama

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      1. He was dealt an historic hand and he played it well. The curse of every Democratic President since Kennedy is a flaky constituency that doesn’t quite understand that their guy is surrounded by vicious enemies and therefore needs their support.

        I’m an idealist, but I don’t expect one election to undo decades of of well orchestrated corruption.

        Thank you for the conversation…I’m enjoying it.

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      2. Me too, it’s giving me an insight into American politics from an American point of view. I liked Kennedy, although he was a terrible womaniser and listened too much to war mongers leading him down a dangerous path (Cuba) I think he did a lot of good for America and the West. Shame he was taken out before he could finish what he’d started.
        Democrat presidents always seem to be up against a Republican Senate, that’s what makes American politics difficult for outsiders. In this country the largest party in Parliament forms the government. Our politicians may not be the most honest but we do seem to get the government we deserve at that time.

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      3. There is also the fact that ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ have different meanings between the two countries..We forget that visionaries are “time” bound. He did get us through the Cuban Missile Crises without a horrible war..

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      4. Yes, and that really took something. Kennedy would have achieved so much more if Jack Ruby and the other conspirators hadn’t taken his life, Oswald was in on it but didn’t fire the fatal shot as that came from the front. I’m just pleased that Barack has been able to (almost) complete his second term.

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  2. I wonder when “victim” became a swear word? I’ve heard so many people sneer about “you’re such a victim” to somebody, as if there aren’t real victims out there. Sure, some people stay in “victim” mode for various, not “good” reasons but even still… I kind of fell into some words that work for me. Not so much that I “am” a victim of this that and the other, but more that I’ve experienced this that and the other, and I deal with it in various ways.

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    1. When Reagan was elected President the U.S. went through a broken looking glass and we are only now beginning to crawl our way out.
      How else can I say it? We put “victims” to death on our streets.

      Rant on-
      We comfort ourselves with the half truth that “We are in control of our destinies, except for
      the people we kick and beat and plunder, who clearly deserve it or they’d fight back, except
      that our leaders who are supposed to lead us OUT of barbarianism, not INTO it have left the
      poor so bereft of resources and opportunities that they can’t fight back.

      And according to the mythology of libertarian America they are responsible for that too!
      We in the U.S. have to sneer at our victims because if we stopped we’d have to feel the guilt of our self betrayal as a nation.
      And in a Nation as soulless as ours has become guilt is a bad word.

      Rant off–

      My point with this is that I have the good fortune of being a man who has access to resources; and so today I am healed to the degree that I feel empowered as a person, and in charge of my life—at last.

      Rant on-

      But it wasn’t as simple as thinking nice thoughts.

      I have to live with pain and rage and I have to live with the fact that everything that happened to me could have been stopped…
      Just as we – each of us – can end homelessness within a year if we stuffed our fucking arrogance, reclaimed our humanity and made the selfish pricks who think they have the right to decide who lives and who dies pull their own fucking weight and pay their taxes.
      Rant off—off 🙂

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    1. I think you’re doing it. We can’t change what happened, and there are no shortcuts through the pain…You’re doing your best…That’s really all we can do, and if other people have a problem with it, there’s nothing you can do about that either…:) Thank you for your visit and comment.


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