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    1. There are horrible people who feel ‘entitled’ to do horrible things. I am very specific in about the words I choose. When I say that in the United States they ‘call’ themselves conservatives but they are not conservative in the actual meaning of the word which means one who wants to preserve tradition.


  1. Because hardworking Americans cannot “afford” to eat fish, and it just kills them to think “lazy” people are eating better than they are.
    Of course, I don’t see it this way. I see it as a way to belittle people AGAIN. I’ve heard they want to abolish certain brand names altogether as well.
    We had food stamps for many months, and during that time, we ate very well. I am a really good cook on any budget.
    I know people who say these things, “Well surely they eat steak and shrimp every night and we’re the ones paying for it!”
    Some people, Rob. Some people.

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    1. Let me introduce you to some of my writings on the Eugenics strategy of executing people by depriving them of food and shelter. (water, medical care or any of the things that make it possible to survive on the power of positive thinking)

      It’s part of U.S. history and the people who believe that shit now call themselves conservatives.

      It’s doing them a favor to think that they are just being mean and if only they understood they’d be nice.

      These people don’t think the so-called “weak” should be allowed to live.

      It’s that simple and that evil.

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