Flies in the Vaseline

 Flies in the Vaseiine
               The Economy is in a Tank

You’ll see the look and you’ll see the lies
You’ll eat the lies and you will

Stone Temple Pilots – Vaseline

I met a man the other day …

No Talent For Certainty

I met a man the other day
Who still believes in freedom;
Who thinks to live and worship, folks
Should do as they deem best

He had his own beliefs, I know,
But didn’t think it treason
That others disagree, and walk
Upon a different path

He didn’t fear that they’d corrupt
His children with their teaching;
This freedom thus extending to
His progeny as well

The oddest thing of all, was his
Respecting strange traditions
That were not his, and wouldn’t be
As though these weren’t a threat

I offered him the bread of lies
That he could eat in comfort
To realize the evil that
All other thoughts entail

He turned it down, and said to me
Political awareness:
I know that food, it’s baked within
Oven Dishonesty

The hardest lies for us to pass
Are those of many people.
Especially, when we like them,
And we want…

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And Then There Was @KittOMalley @Robrt_M_Goldste & @_thenewsexy

The people I meet on Word Press are making it possible for me to trust again.


And Then There Was @KittOMalley @Robrt_M_Goldste & @_thenewsexy

When I close my eyes and pray

I see their names and faces

Not labels, stigma or diagnoses

But their stories of life’s races

If I were to pass them in the street

They wouldn’t even know me

Feels like I know them just the same

They’re incredible souls

Who were brave enough

To shed insight to their pain


They have taught me things I did not know

Things others would pretend to be aware of

Things like how the weather can affect Kitt

whose been diagnosed as Bipolar

I knew that rain could cause stiffness in joints

But now know seasons changing can make despair hover


Then there’s Robert

an artist and my new cyberbuddy who taught me about Dissociative Identity Disorder

He too shares and gives and pours

Out to others though life tries to intermittently dehydrate his…

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