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Carolina Russo Art

Hello everyone I am very happy this week to FEATURE and introduce

Charles OkpereIphy  CELONA’S BLOG

Celoncharles Okpere Iphy

It would be on my sidebaras Feature of the week.

Celona Charles isa great evolving writer, he truly loves what he does,
and creates beautiful Poetry for us all to enjoy.
He has a kindred and courageous soul.
He had the courage to expose himself out there,
participating to the first reality show on the blogosphere
“The Lives we Live” A Reality ShowhostedatThe Neighborhood
He passed the first two eliminations and still there thanks to our precious support.
Please Keep up with the great community support, your help is precious and needed.
If you want to support him during the journeys of  this new experience
leave comments mentioning his name on the show
page and vote!

I am giving my support, I believe that helping others talented…

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Paid The Price

Exclusive Inflictions

19 of 31 OctPoWriMo

She asked him nicely to stay
On her knees she begged please
Don’t leave me and go away
He insisted and took leave

Left standing there alone
She fell to the floor, wept
Vulnerable and prone
Saw it clearly as she slept

Without any delay
Revenge was to be claimed
Actions taken the next day
He’d be stopped and maimed

Packed her sharpest blades
Stalked him back to his spot
Broke in and waited to raid
Silently with her thoughts

Deep sleeping, it was time
Emerging from the shadows
To charge him for his crime
In blood for being shallow

Lacerated his throat
Slashed hard at his face
On the initial strokes
Excited her heart raced

Blood splattered the walls
White bed linens drenched
She can again walk tall
Blood thirst is now quenched

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