Digital painting that a VR female Avatar to represent Sara

Dissociative Identity Disorder in #VR: A Quick Chat with Sara

Sara: I think that the heart of a good relationship is four elements

Max: Listens

Sara: The first is respect for each other…not ‘props‘ but respect for the courage it takes to lay your soul on the line and say here…take me, and mean it. The second is  pleasure in play.

Max: Like Dancing?

Sara: Yes. Dancing is fun…And I think love is empathy and compassion.

Max: You are a smart, beautiful woman.

Sara: Thank you. I joined VR to protect Bobby; but having a body was so thrilling when I first joined I almost forgot my job.

Max: Listens.

Sara: I’d had never a chance to come out as an adult, or to express myself with clothes; and Bob had joined a strip club, so the strip club was my first frame of reference for life here.

Max: Why would Bob join a strip club?

Sara: Given that sex terrifies him?

Max: Yeah.

Sara: Some sexually abused children base their self-worth on their ability to attract sexual attention. Bob thinks that sex is love. But only with someone who doesn’t love him. When he was little he said he didn’t mind what the men did, or that he enjoyed it; but I knew the truth…(pauses) Sometimes I imagine becoming a Gorean Call Girl. (laughs)

Max: Why?

Sara: Men will call me and I will tell them in Gorean the best way to get screwed. I accept all major credit cards…:)

Max : I don’t see you as a call girl.

Sara: Not even to take calls?

Max: I don’t think you would like it

Sara:…Are you kidding? I love telling men to get screwed.

Max: I wonder what Gorean sounds like?

Sara: I think it sounds like KlingonK’pekt t’gla! (laughs)

Max: (laughs) Get screwed…LOL.

Sara: I’m staging a shoot tonight…Pop by and play with the set.

Max: I have a hot date. She’s looking for Mr. Right…I was the photographer at her second wedding. The guy she married faked cancer a week later and left VR. He sent me an IM yesterday from a new account.

Sara: I don’t date in SL. The “Family” won’t let me. I wonder how fast I could get a guy to fake cancer if I married him?

Max: I wouldn’t.

Sara: (LOL) Let’s not test it.

Max: I took pics of the damned wedding! I haven’t even had time to process them!

Sara: Is that a record?

Max: Naaaah—things happen fast in VR

Sara: (laughs)

Max: Can I ask you a question?

Sara: Yes.

Max: What do you see when you look in a the mirror?…I mean in real-life?

Sara: I see me.

Max: You’re a woman in real-life?

Sara: Oh!…No…But I still see me. None of us sees the body.

Max: What do you see?

Sara: I see a woman that looks a bit like this version of my avatar. It’s taken
months to learn how to make an avatar that resembles what I see.

Max: None of you sees your real body?

Sara: This is my real body. I’ve always looked like this, except when I was a little girl. I’m the oldest.

Max: You look great! If I didn’t know, I’d think you are a real woman.

Sara: I am.


The Call Girl
                          The Call Girl