Another Helper???

Heathers Helpers

It’s been a wild week as you all know from my earlier posts. Saying a permanent goodbye to my fur baby best friend and then a year-long goodbye to a trusted and kind therapist was hard. I actually feel almost beaten up today. My whole body hurts and I am exhausted. I guess learning to have and express emotions is hard work? Well, it is for me but like everything, it should get easier in time right?

A while back I was discussing the Helpers and the whole sex issue. Its been a rough couple of months since then. The idea of an older Helper taking over made perfect sense but I have found out that there is no older Helper who is willing. The older ones have more memories of the trauma and I get the feeling that they were also affected by the abuse on a personal level…

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lips and fingers

Lips and Fingers
                             Lips and Fingers

lips and fingers


the other side

flip me

upside down

till I

am —

no more

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