The Confederacy: My Take

Ronnie McBrayer

EmptyFlagpoleI’ve taken my lumps lately on everything from Creflo Dollar to Jewish circumcision. Well, why not add the Confederate Flag to the list? 🙂

My local County Commission recently removed the Stars and Bars from the courthouse grounds; but they replaced it with the “official” flag of the Confederacy. Now, I am as far removed from a political activist as you will find – as I have little confidence in governmental parties or policies. Still, I wrote this response, originally to the commission, and for my local papers. It’s not for your enjoyment, per se, but hopefully it provides a thoughtful perspective, shining a little more light and producing less heat. – Ronnie

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Special to The Walton Sun, The Northwest Daily Florida News, and The DeFuniak Herald

I have been a syndicated newspaper columnist for a decade. But you can’t pay the bills…

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