Conviction is worthless unless it is converted into conductThomas Carlyle


What crime would I say I actually committed, all I did was chose what I really love to do. Society has always had this very special way, of putting man into a space of acquiescence. A position man never decides to choose, with his God’s given rights …but why?
Society goes ahead, to using confusion to cut man into bits, at the same time, it wants every single piece of cadaver it chops off, to be very functional at every single tax it shoots at man.

Even with how annoying that sounds, I would still say this; Society’s tactics in sucking man dry, off his potentials and depriving him from a well deserving old age can never be self explanatory to me, except the “wise ones” do justice to my huge questions on this topic.

I figured society…

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I CAN FEEL YOU #Love #Poetry

authenticitee speaks


I can feel you

I can still feel you

You were so gentle

Incessantly wanting me to be OK

Ensuring that I was

Ever shielding me from pain

Loving me patiently

As though you loved me

You took care of me

I felt safe with you

I was wanted

I was fought for

I remember

You recognized, embraced, encouraged


Told me you loved my romantic tier

I loved that you loved me enough

To tell me

And even now you’ve left me

S p e e c h l e s s

I am in awe that you too remember

And overwhelmed that you still love me

With a love that deeply flows

From the same pure springs


untainted realm

You still love me enough to tell me

I’m taken aback that you’ve lovingly memorialized

What I’ve unintentionally forgotten

Thank you


I can…

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