Philadelphia Freedom

Washington: After the Crossing
    Washington: After the Crossing
This song is for all of the bible thumpers that keep announcing
that the U.S. “is become as” Sodom and Gomorrah.

There’s this little thing called separation of Church and State.

Your ancestors are the reason we have it in the Constitution.

Come out Ms. Washington, that we may know you (wink, wink)

Elton John – Philadelphia Freedom

6 thoughts on “Philadelphia Freedom

  1. Lot’s claim to fame has always bothered me. We never know WHAT the people of Sodom and Gomorrah are up to–it’s assumed to be homosexual acts by the perverted priests who chose to dictate morals to us. They could have been knitting cats! So sick of people using the Bible as a bludgeon! The 2nd thing–this great ‘hero’ Lot offers the crowd intent on getting the ‘angels’ his own virgin daughters. That’s not my image of a decent man and if God allows or encourages that, we’ve all been worshiping the wrong one. 3rd, later we’re told that Lot’s daughters get him drunk and ‘rape’ him because there aren’t any men around. Give me a friggin’ break! Now, 2015, we still have clueless demagogues passing judgment on others instead of facing their own faults. ‘Philadelphia Freedom’ is awesome. Let us try to follow Jesus’ 11th commandment: ‘Love one another.’

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    1. I think it was all bad manners.

      One simply didn’t barge into a man’s tent and demand to ‘know’ his guests.

      I think it’s still bad form.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

      It’s good to see you posting. 🙂

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      1. In biblical times, being a good host outweighed all other considerations, so Lot was expected to give anything/everything to the mob to protect his guests. People assume the mob wanted sex from the angels, but we have no proof of that. Maybe they just wanted to have a cup of coffee and a Danish (oh, no, that would have been Hamlet…ha, ha). Thanks.


      2. LOL…I just had all kinds of mixed images of Lady Macbeth in the middle of her “out, out damned spot speech’ just as Dick and Jane chase Puff through Lots tent and turn into pillars of salt.

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  2. Great Washington As Androgyn. Should there be an “e” on the end of that?

    Ah, and the angels shoved their hands through the door and pulled Lot back into his house. Without opening the door. That story, and what happens several scenes down the line, have always been favorites of mine. They are all so perverse. not at all what people think of as “holy.” But are they holy? Deeply. On so many levels that they could be called infinite.

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