Rant On the News’ Contributions to Mental Health Stigmas



I want to start by saying that this rant has been circling my mind for weeks now and I am, just now, finally getting the opportunity to get it out! Nearly two weeks ago I was settled into my bed for the night and reading a chapter of my book club novel. In the background the news was on TV. I was engrossed in my novel and was paying no mind to the TV, when through my reading induced trance I heard word of a man who shot people in a movie theater and then took his own life.

Whatever the news anchor said to draw the audience’s attention to this terribly sad story …it worked. I put my book down and tuned in to the story. My instantaneous thoughts were that this man must have been evil or insane and must have had a lot of demons clinging to his…

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Castro at Market. Two quarts and a five. At 2 AM. Rainbows on wet concrete. A bartender shuts down for the night. A drunk staggers onto the bus. Yellows & greens. A smiley on the window. Orange neon at Wendy’s. Why settle for daily bread? At 6th Street at Market. The barefoot drag queen clutches a dirty travel bag. Across the from the Hot-l Delta. Glass shatters! A Black kid shouts, “KA-POW!” EEZEEE STORAGE. Immediate move in. You can fall but you can’t drop. Three-thirty one December morning. In the 24 hour cinema. North of the Transamerica Pyramid. A man snores beneath the silver screen. He rescues the girl named Chocolate. Ninety minutes in surround sound stereo. Later with Candy Strong. Later with Lisa De Leeuw. Three gorgeous and imaginative bordello dudes. Explode in a flurry and leave.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2015