Nick and co at the Para-Tri Triathlon

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Where do I start? It has been the most amazing, incredible, glorious day. The road through Little Kimble had marked a turning point for my son and we drove through the sleepy village with a red kite watching from its perch in a tree beside the road. Any other day I would have stopped and grabbed the camera… today, though, even the kites would wait.

A red kire watches over the event A red kite watches over the event

We had left in good time, so we had taken a short detour via the route Nick had taken the first day he got the trike… and his first real taste of freedom in six years. A month later and we were on our way to the Paralympic venue of Dorney Lake, just outside Windsor.

Calm before the storm... Calm before the storm…

Once there we headed to the registration tent and I finally got to meet the rest of the team…

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Priorities, On the Public Blogger

PrioritesI’m proud and honored to see my work showcased on the Public Blogger for his 7 days of Peace Campaign
This photo is of public art made by an anonymous person who wants all of us to know that our children need these resources to have lives that are meaningful and productive.

Please download it and share it as a message of peace.

RG 2015