Sorry Charlie

Sorry Charlie

Charlie lives
Toon town

Superman says
Everything is his

He can have the
Fortress of

Flash of blue.
Swamp gas?

A fresh God
pinches his
He says, “I’m
Crazy baby, you
believe it!”

His left hand
steals a little
kiss from
his right.

They are

RG 2015

Homeless Sessions: No Shelter

chasing destino

Recently, I moved into a house. I must have my poker face on because my mom keeps asking me why I’m not more excited.

I didn’t think that I would ever move into a house. In my mind, I believed that my forever and ever housing arrangements would be rentals and subsidized apartments.

A house that my kids and I belonged to was too much to hope for. For a several, I look around and cannot believe that I have been blessed. Is it a dream? Am I going to wake up in a rundown apartment?

About eight years ago at Christmas time, I was homeless. In some ways, I was lucky. I didn’t have to sleep on an actual sidewalk in an actual cardboard box. I did see plenty of people that had no where else to go. I saw too many children that were homeless and hungry…

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