Las Mariposas Juguetonas

Reflections on Matthew 23

I base everything I say below on my personal awakening.

It may be irrelevant to you.

To read on you must be open to ideas that differ from yours.

I was raised in both the Orthodox and Reformed traditions of Judaism.

My Father was an Orthodox Jew when I was born and turned to Reformed Judaism when I was older.

I had my Bar Mitzvah ceremony at Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Synagogue.

The Rabbi at Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Synagogue placed more emphasis on action in the World over ritual in the Temple.

More pointedly, he taught that mercy is the heart of the law and the soul of faith.

This is also the heart of the Gospel.

For me, the Gospel reveals an evolving God that felt that he/she/it had to incarnate under the worst conditions possible.

He said that he was the light of the World which suggests that the world that he entered lived in spiritual darkness.

As a Jew he is also referring to the idea of Tikkun Olam: To gather lost light, to repair a broken world through human action.

The light of the world is the light of mercy and justice.

Mercy requires us to use our minds and souls to know the
sufferings of another.

If each of us truly felt the horror of waking up to a city in flames we would have no shock and awe campaigns.

We would not rejoice in our savage victories.

The practice of Tikkun Olam requires us to unite with each other
to become God’s light.

God chose to suffer as a mortal.

Our bodies are often needlessly wracked with pain.


That question is as profound as the mystery of faith.

I believe in a perfect God in a perfect universe that is still evolving
to become more perfect.

People of faith know that dogma and rhetoric are meaningless.

They are word games and winning a game is not the same as
winning in life.

To win in life we must often drop the games.

There is no law or game more important than the life of another.

There is no property right that trumps life.

There is no economic system that can truly justify hunger and deprivation when we have plenty.

No religion that calls for the arbitrary torture and death of other people can truly claim to represent the divine.

There are people who will join and follow such a religion but they are not people of Faith.

Faith is quiet.

Faith is humble. Faith gives freely and expects nothing in return.

Faith heals.

Our wounded world needs Faith, not dogma.

Our wounded souls need compassion, not angry politics.

Our suffering children need food and shelter, not guns for racist vigilantes and tax cuts for a corrupt élite.

Faith transcends all religions and all political dogma.

In faith we are one people; this includes the atheist.

Faith does not need belief in a God.

Faith is as simple as bringing a meal to a hungry child to nourish what is human in that child.

Faith does not need to control the minds and bodies of other people.

Faith sets us and everyone around us free.



22 thoughts on “Reflections on Matthew 23

      1. Please don’t ever worry about that! As wonderful as the internet/modern technology is for connecting folks from all over the world (and also allowing genuine friendships), in many ways, it’s easy to get sucked into the screen and lose touch with our physical lives. I humbly think a balance is important, and I also make sure to have days away from all these mechanical devices 🙂

        You’re always welcome to stop by whenever you have time, or inclined to do so. Best wishes always!

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  1. You write beautifully and I love your artwork as well. Reading this I think you may (?) like a little something-something I wrote, achi. Look in my categories under Beloved Ones. Kol tuv, MW


    1. Thank you.

      My partner just told me that he read that MRI scans show that ‘mediums’ go into dissociative trances (no duh) and that in those trances they can write powerful prose.

      As I’ve gotten better I can ‘see’ some of what goes on when a few of my alternates are ‘out’…

      The alternate named ‘Matthew” writes on religion. To me, this almost reads like a homily.
      The most interesting part of watching this was the selection of the video clip.

      As Matthew watched the clip he was so moved by the scene that he cried.

      When the writing was finished I came back to have lunch with my partner which is when he told me about mediums.

      I said that I felt like I was dreaming and in the dream I cried. He said he heard me and figured it was one of the alternates.

      One of the nice things about my partner is that he views the DID as a kind of ‘hyper-intellect’…

      I’m not going to discourage that…but I view it as a pain in the – foot…:)

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  2. “There is no law or game more important than the life of another… more emphasis on action in the World over ritual in the Temple… The light of the world is the light of mercy and justice… Faith heals.” Awesome! Thank you for sharing his.

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