Challenge – In Thy Future

April on the Interstate

Carolina from Yesterday After nominated me for this challenge. Thank you so much Carolina.

  • Thank the bloggers who nominated you. Thank you!!
    • Link back to the challenge creator, Carolina and Yesterday After so she can track your progress.
    • Share 5 things about your future (jobs, kids, marriage, travel etc). Then one day you can look  back and find out how psychic you really are.
    • Tag 5 bloggers and put them up to the challenge.

5 things about my future are:

1  I will be healthy consistently present in my life
2  I will be healthy enough to work and be independent.
3 I will be healthy enough to visit the place of my birth.
4 I will be competent enough in my photography to make sales of my pictures.
5 I will speak publicly on behalf of other people with dissociative identity disorder

My 5 nominees are:

A Momma’s View
Living a Beautiful Life

Poetic Parfait
Hummingbird Redemption

21 thoughts on “Challenge – In Thy Future

    1. I’ll be happy if I can become a public speaker. Someone who trains treatment providers to look for the symptoms of dissociative disorders. I believe that more than half of the people who currently carry a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder have the kind of trauma histories that would produce DID.

      It would be great if we can catch people and treat them while they are still young.

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      1. You have a strong will and are highly motivated. Even your blog does, since you are (as you say) believing in more than what this illness shows. I am sure you will come a longer way than you can imagine today!

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