Are You Satisfied with WordPress?

This poll is inspired by Ann at Ann’s Corner.

We really just want to see if other people have the same glitches that we experience with the edit function of WordPress.

To be clear, WordPress is one of the best experiences I’ve had with social media. But in the interest of running a reality check we came up with this poll.

An Open Letter To A Person With Mental Illness 

Whether or not you have a mental illness or love someone who has one, this is a must read.


Dear Person With Mental Illness,

You are not a monster. You are a valuable, unique, wonderful human being who deserves everything grand that this life has to offer. Come out of the shadows and stand proudly in who you are.

You are not damaged. You are WHOLE, regardless of having a mental illness. I like you the way you are. I wouldn’t change you. I see you differently than you see yourself. I am not afraid of you or your illness… I am amazed by you. I am amazed by your courage, willpower, gifts and talents. I accept you, and your worlds of light and darkness.

Some people just have a “neighborhood” in their mind and they never get lost. You have endless terrain to explore, but sometimes you take a wrong turn and can’t find your way home. I love your vast landscape and remember… we can make you…

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