Are You Satisfied with WordPress?

This poll is inspired by Ann at Ann’s Corner.

We really just want to see if other people have the same glitches that we experience with the edit function of WordPress.

To be clear, WordPress is one of the best experiences I’ve had with social media. But in the interest of running a reality check we came up with this poll.

22 thoughts on “Are You Satisfied with WordPress?

  1. I have been recently having problems with WordPress. So, on my about page, I can see the comment section and I allowed comments on it, but one other blogger said she wanted to comment, but she couldn’t because the comment section was closed. But I checked the post and I rechecked that I checked “allow comments” . I asked the forums (I do not know why there are forums, in the summer I could happily ask a wordpress worker even with a free account) and I still didn’t get a reply.

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  2. My only complaint is that the first letter of each word in a title on any post is capitalized. I cannot write “The Cow from the Blue”. It comes out The Cow From The Blue”. They say I must pay for upgrade to change so I can put lower case letter for some title words. That sure seems peculiar.

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  3. That’s a good idea! I love WP and never want to miss it but being unfollowed from other blogs and the other way around is annoying. Thank you for sharing this, Robert.

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      1. I notice that over and over. Most of all by my followers who all of a sudden follow again. I know that they did not un-follow by themselves. Also that comments suddenly disappear in the spam folder is frustrating. But that doesn’t change my happiness about being here on WP.

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